Katherine pierce vampire diaries

The Vampire Diaries has its fair share of people who have turned into vampires over the years, but none are more notorious than Katherine pierce vampire diaries Pierce. She makes her first onscreen appearance in Season 2 and m92 rgb her powers as a vampire to start wreaking havoc on the lives of Elena and the gang. Much like Buffy The Vampire Slayerthe show's focus on love, death and vampires offers a lot of delectable drama. This is especially true when Katherine rolls into town, katherine pierce vampire diaries.

Al inicio del ciclo escolar, Elena se involucra sentimentalmente con el nuevo estudiante, Stefan Salvatore, un vampiro originario de Mystic Falls. Damon le da de beber su sangre para que cuando sea sacrificada regrese a la vida como vampiresa, por lo que ella se molesta. Aunque eso no impide que se pase toda la temporada intentando que Stefan recupere su humanidad. Pasa un emotivo verano con Damon, aunque tiene un mal presentimiento sobre Stefan. Lleva huyendo de Klaus desde entonces. Desde entonces Damon no la ama.

Katherine pierce vampire diaries

She was the main antagonist of season one mostly off-screen through John Gilbert 's and Isobel 's actions, as both were working for her in order to kill off the tomb vampires , and one of the main antagonists of season two , the second half of season four and the first half of Season Five. She was also the final antagonist of season eight. Katherine can be considered the main antagonist of the series overall due to being a major antagonist in the first, second, fourth, fifth and eighth seasons and all the antagonists that were a result of her actions. In , she was disowned by her father because she brought shame upon her family after giving birth to a baby girl out of wedlock when she was seventeen. She was forced to give the baby up for adoption and then was then exiled to England. She quickly assimilated into English culture and met two nobleman brothers, Niklaus and Elijah Mikaelson. She sabotaged his plan by running away with the moonstone , which bound the curse, and then tricked Rose into feeding her vampire blood so she could turn herself into a vampire. Because Katherine was no longer human , her blood no longer was a viable component of the ritual to undo the curse. Klaus was so infuriated with Katherine's sabotage, that she was forced to live on the run for over years as he hunted her down. Her activities during her first centuries as a vampire are unknown, but at some point between the 15th and 19th centuries, she took on the alias "Katherine Pierce" an anglicized version of her birth name and eventually met and befriended Pearl , Anna , and Emily Bennett. In the late 19th century , she traveled to Mystic Falls , where she met Stefan and Damon Salvatore , whose family hosted her at the Salvatore Estate. She later fell in love with both brothers, and subsequently fed them her blood, resulting in their eventual transitions into vampires after they were killed by their father in early autumn of When the Founder's Council found out the identities of the vampires in town, she faked her death and escaped being sealed in the tomb with the aid of George Lockwood , who helped her in exchange for the moonstone. During the twentieth century, she continued to keep tabs on Stefan while still hiding from Klaus, including two separate sightings in Chicago in the s and the s. To sweeten the potential deal with Klaus, she killed Caroline Forbes , who had Damon's blood in her system and later transitioned into a vampire, and tricked Mason and Tyler Lockwood into triggering their werewolf curses , just so they could each also serve as the vampire and werewolf sacrifices necessary in the ritual.

While she does become a somewhat better person in later seasons, she is often insensitive, katherine pierce vampire diaries, selfish, prideful and doesn't care much for human life. The relationship between Katherine Pierce and Damon Salvatore has been complicated since their meeting inwhen Katherine stayed in their estate and Damon was serving in the Confederate army.

The Vampire Diaries is an American fantasy-drama television series which was first broadcast on The CW from [1] to , airing episodes over 8 seasons. Smith 's novel series of the same name. Some of the characters appeared in the spin-off series, The Originals and Legacies. The following is a list of series regulars who have appeared in one or more of the series' eight seasons. The characters are listed in the order they were first credited in the series.

The executive producer pays tribute to "the ultimate mean girl and quintessential survivor. Samantha is a writer based in Los Angeles. Television is her one true love, and she tweets about it. A lot. Katherine Pierce Nina Dobrev was a Petrova — and that meant she was a fighter. After five seasons of Katherine's smirk, how were viewers supposed to say goodbye?

Katherine pierce vampire diaries

Tonight was a sad, dark day in the world of The Vampire Diaries. After years of running and five seasons of TVD awesomeness, Katherine Pierce has finally seemingly died. In "Gone Girl," everyone in Mystic Falls figures out Katherine's big secret that she took over Elena's body and gangs up to trap her. When they finally succeed, it's thanks to the dirtiest of tricks but one Katherine wouldn't have hesitated to pull herself.

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She initially attempts to hide her involvement with Jeremy from Pearl, and Anna and Pearl eventually get into a fight. During the standoff that follows, Lucien is killed by Matt and Finn firing Matt's gun loaded with wooden bullets through Freya's shoulder. She limps from the car, spotting a barely conscious Jeremy who asks for her help, she ignores him and hobbles away, leaving him dying in the middle of the road. Nadia had built a fort that she would show her mother in the morning. Damon begins to attempt to scoop out the chest with a net when Katherine shoves his head into the vervain for several seconds, then sends him howling in pain to the floor. She was unaware of the existence of supernatural creatures in Mystic Falls and was visibly frightened by Connor Jordan, who attacked her twice during his vampire hunts. He plans to merge with her and become the leader of the Gemini Coven however his younger siblings Luke and Liv prove to be a barrier. Damon mata a Tyler en la sexta temporada. She then threw the body towards Rose and Trevor and fled into the night. Main [d]. This allows the members of the Gemini coven to live longer and have a greater access to magic. She enjoys planting dreams in his head while he sleeps, though later she does offer the useful advice of seeking out Isobel for information about Klaus. Katherine responds by taking his hand and placing the cure in it, saying she wants him to trust her like she's now trusting him, and that he must decide what happens next, with both the cure and their relationship.

She was the main antagonist of season one mostly off-screen through John Gilbert 's and Isobel 's actions, as both were working for her in order to kill off the tomb vampires , and one of the main antagonists of season two , the second half of season four and the first half of Season Five. She was also the final antagonist of season eight.

She compels Matt to find out facts about Elena and tries to convince everyone that she is Elena. Main [h]. He is dating Vicki Donovan, who breaks-up with him for Jeremy Gilbert, causing them to become rivals. However, Logan was turned into a vampire by Anna and then killed by history teacher Alaric Saltzman; Jenna was told that he had left town. Elijah allows Stefan to leave, but compels Katherine to stay inside. She tells Jeremy that she understands he had to move on with Bonnie. For about 6 months they hung out while Lexi would ask Damon about Katherine, trying to help him remember love. Saltzman from the novels , was the history teacher at Mystic Falls High School. In season four, Tyler is briefly mentioned when the Mikaelsons are seeking one of the Hollow's bones. He compels her to tell him what she has been doing but, as she is taking vervain, she is able to lie. John had a crush on Isobel Flemming-Saltzman and sent her to Damon when she wanted to become a vampire.

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