jennie gray in eastenders

Jennie gray in eastenders

Ben Butler was found guilty of murdering his six-year-old daughter in a moment of volcanic rage. The mother of a six-year-old girl, who was murdered by her father Ben Butler, previously appeared in EastEnders and The Bill as she pursued her dream of becoming an actress.

THIS is the chilling moment tragic Ellie Butler's mum "got a kick" from using her acting skills to try to deceive cops after her partner murdered the six-year-old. Former EastEnders actress Jennie Gray gave away tell-tale signs after faking a hysterical call to help abusive Ben Butler cover up his gruesome crime. Little Ellie was battered to death by the evil year-old and suffered "catastrophic" head injuries just 11 months after she was returned to his care by social workers. Gray, 37, was handed 42 months in prison for child cruelty and perverting the course of justice over the death of their daughter in Body language experts have revealed how the mum used her acting skills to try to trick cops after she was arrested following Ellie's death. In police interviews, Gray smiles as she shows how she gets a "kick out of her performance". Weeping, she says: "If I ever had any reason to believe someone could do that to my child, I'd do everything against them.

Jennie gray in eastenders

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News Crime. Ellie Butler was beaten to death by her father Ben Butler, 38, at home in Sutton in Mr Butler was convicted of her murder in June after a trial at the Old Bailey and jailed for life with a minimum term of 23 years. New chilling footage shows the moment Jennie Gray used her acting skills to help cover up for her partner. Video footage shows Ms Gray crying as she speaks with police officers claiming that if she knew her partner had been abusive towards her daughter then she would have done something.

EastEnders , the beloved British soap opera , has captivated generations with its riveting storylines and unforgettable characters. Set in the fictional London borough of Walford, this show explores the lives of residents as they navigate both triumphs and tribulations within their close-knit community. Over its impressive run, the EastEnders cast list brought to life some of the most memorable inhabitants of Albert Square. The show's lasting success is largely due to the talented actors. From heroes and villains to fan-favorites and complex individuals, each cast member helps to transform everyday tales into emotionally charged adventures. Their powerful performances forge connections with viewers who become invested in their stories. Among these standout performers are Adam Woodyatt, who embodies Ian Beale's complex journey from aspiring teenager to successful entrepreneur amid personal turmoil; Steve McFadden's portrayal of Phil Mitchell shows his transformation from fearsome hardman to dedicated father figure; and Letitia Dean's performance as Sharon Watts highlights her strength and vulnerability while navigating love triangles and family secrets. The EastEnders cast members work together to create stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Jennie gray in eastenders

Set in the fictional borough of Walford in the East End of London , the programme follows the stories of local residents and their families as they go about their daily lives. Within eight months of the show's original launch, it had reached the number one spot in BARB 's television ratings, and has consistently remained among the top-rated series in Britain. Four EastEnders episodes are listed in the all-time top 10 most-watched programmes in the UK, including the number one spot, when over 30 million watched the Christmas Day episode. Since co-creator Holland was from a large family in the East End, a theme heavily featured in EastEnders is strong families, and each character is supposed to have their own place in the fictional community. The Beales , Brannings , Mitchells , Slaters and the Watts are some of the families that have been central to the soap's notable and dramatic storylines. EastEnders has been filmed at the BBC Elstree Centre since its inception, with a set that is outdoors and open to weather. In , the BBC announced plans to rebuild the set entirely.

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The following are characters who first appeared, or returned, in the BBC soap opera EastEnders during listed by order of first appearance.

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