janitor scrubs

Janitor scrubs

He consistently torments J. Originally recognized for its fast-paced slapstick humor and surreal, daydream-style sequences, Scrubs enjoyed a highly successful run following the lives of Sacred Heart's fictional employees from October to Janitor scrubs

Neil Richard Flynn is an American actor and comedian. Flynn was born on the south side of Chicago , Illinois. He is of Irish descent and was raised in a devout Catholic household. After graduating in , Flynn returned to Chicago to pursue an acting career. In Chicago, Flynn acted with the Goodman and Steppenwolf theaters.

Janitor scrubs

Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Play trailer Unexpected Neil Richard Flynn is an American actor and comedian, known for his role as "The Janitor", in the medical comedy-drama, Scrubs Neil was born in the south-side of Chicago. He is of Irish descent and was raised Catholic. He moved to Waukegan, Illinois at an early age. After graduating from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, in , Flynn returned to Chicago to pursue an acting career. Flynn participated on the nationally-renowned Bradley University Speech Team. Contact info Agent info Resume.

Hooch became very aggressive; he once knocked a man out with his shoe for trying to exit an elevator he was guarding for J, janitor scrubs. Lloyd, the Delivery Guy played by writer Mike Schwartz —whose last name janitor scrubs be Slawski, his father's surname [25] —was a member of the air band Cool Cats with Turk, Ted, and the Janitor, where he played air drums.

Scrubs is one of my favorite shows of all time. During college, I watched every season on repeat until I saw every episode at least times. And that was before the days of Netflix. The show manages to be pretty airtight on its themes and messages, mostly because we spend most of our time inside J. But there do happen to be longstanding questions that Scrubs has never truly resolved, except they have, actually.

For a show that takes place in a hospital, "Scrubs" was never afraid to have some absurd characters floating around. The long-running medical comedy produced such memorable characters as the brutally sarcastic Dr. Cox and the frat boy surgeon known as "The Todd. The Janitor, played by Neil Flynn of "The Middle" fame, is a mysterious and outrageous figure in the hospital. Nobody knows his real name, or frankly his real intentions. In the first episode, he becomes angry with Zach Braff's JD, the main character, and spends the rest of the series antagonizing him at every opportunity. Whenever the show needed a weirdo around to make whatever kind of joke was required, the Janitor would step in and steal the scene. The Janitor's presence on the cast was a key aspect of Scrubs going from a relatively grounded comedy to a much more madcap one.

Janitor scrubs

One of Scrubs ' most valuable players was The Janitor Neil Flynn , but the character was originally planned to be part of J. That's actually so surprising since Scrubs was well-known for its lead character launching into often fantastical daydreams at a moment's notice. While Braff capably served as Scrubs ' center from the pilot " My First Day " onward, over the years the sitcom became more and more of an ensemble, eventually even having episodes that didn't feature J.


Discover more from Jon Negroni Subscribe now to keep reading and get access to the full archive. Of course, Turk has to insist that J. John Michael "J. Superman: Man of Tomorrow. Although Todd is often shown speaking to women in a way that constitutes sexual harassment, in " My Lucky Charm ", he states, "The Todd appreciates hot regardless of gender. Previous 3. Cox that a man she married had died. After graduating from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, in , Flynn returned to Chicago to pursue an acting career. Abby's: Book Club. He waited for him to return, but the next day, Turk confirmed to him that J. The two began dating, a fact Ted enjoyed flaunting to the hospital's staff. However, as part of the bonus features of the complete series DVD release, Bill Lawrence confirmed that Glenn Matthews is definitively the character's name, a callback to when Flynn had guest-starred as Janitor in Lawrence's animated series Clone High , depicted as working at the school before his son's death, and repeatedly called "Glenn" by the school's principal. He was an avid liar, and nearly every story or anecdote he told people was a fabrication.

A popular Scrubs fan theory posits that there was more of a method to the Janitor's madness, as fans suspect the character of conducting a secret experiment. The Janitor is a custodian employed by Sacred Heart who antagonizes the show's protagonist, J. The Janitor was played by Neil Flynn, who initially auditioned for the role of Dr.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Go to your list. In Season 9, he returns to Sacred Heart as a professor. Sarah Chalke portrays Elliot Reid , another intern and later private-practice physician. Season 7. D get to Kim's ultrasound, although this could be the result of Janitor's falling out of a fast-moving vehicle. She is blunt, opinionated, and unable to connect strongly to her emotions, even when with her family. In " My Moment of Un-Truth " Season 3 , the Janitor used Troy as the sole guest at a fake twin birthday party in the cafeteria, a video of which was supposed to serve as "indisputable evidence" to Turk and J. They remain together for almost the entire run of the show. Zeltzer commented, "That's why my wife and I use candles. Sam and his wife, Barbara, got divorced when J. He often alludes to having a wife named Enid and a homosexual son named Harrison, although neither is ever seen. Cox Dr. He is of Irish descent and was raised in a devout Catholic household. Elliot and Sean's relationship had its ups and downs, with Elliot ultimately breaking up with him—just as they were preparing to move in together—after realizing that she still had feelings for J.

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