how to get silly putty out of the carpet

How to get silly putty out of the carpet

Remember that day not too long ago where my day was so epically bad that I had to post about it?

Got yourself a Silly Putty emergency? Place ice cubes in a sealable plastic bag and apply to the area, leaving it to sit here for hours if possible. This will chill the putty and make it more solid, making it easier to scrape off the carpet. Use your spoon, dull knife or palette knife to agitate the putty and break it into smaller pieces that you can then remove. Gently scrape as many of the putty pieces off the carpet surface as possible and discard them.

How to get silly putty out of the carpet

Last Updated: December 13, Haim specializes in Oriental, Persian, handmade, and antique rug cleaning and repair. He also conducts rug restoration along with fire damage care. He has over 17 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. This article has been viewed , times. The stretchy, impressionable quality of silly putty makes it fun to play with, but a mess to get out of the carpet. Fortunately, there are several tricks you can use to remove a glob of silly putty, even if it's already hardened on your favorite rug. For a quick fix, soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and blot the area repeatedly. Or, place a bag of ice on the stain for hours and then break up the hardened putty with a knife. To get silly putty out of carpet, first fill a sealable plastic bag with ice cubes. Seal the top of the bag and place it on the silly putty. Let it sit for hours, refilling the bag as needed whenever the ice melts. Then, remove the bag and use a small knife to cut the frozen putty into small pieces. For a silly putty stain, dip a cotton ball into some nail polish remover and gently blot the stain with it until it's gone. Finally, soak up any leftover nail polish remover with a clean cloth.

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Are you trying to get silly putty or slime out of carpet fast? Even if the silly putty or slime has dried on your carpet, there is still hope! This easy tips from our readers will help you in removing both slime and silly putty from your carpet. Note: The tips for removing silly putty from carpet are first, and the tips for removing slime are at the end of the article. Tip 1: I actually did it — just now.

Considering how much children enjoy playing with silly putty , they are bound to make a mess with it. Although easy to play with, the stretchy and impressionable texture of the material makes it difficult to remove from certain surfaces. Hardened silly putty stuck your carpets or favorite rugs can be frustrating. However, there are many quick and easy methods you can use to remove the stubborn material from your carpets. The coldness of the ice will cause the silly putty to solidify.

How to get silly putty out of the carpet

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There were more gobs of ground-in putty than I could count, but the sanitizer totally neutralized it and I could scrape it right off. Things You'll Need. I scrubbed a LOT. My son got putty in my blanket and i thought i would habe to throw it out. I came home and found my favorite sherpa throw with silly putty dried hard in several places and it was A LOT of silly putty! First Name Email address:. No silly putty. After I pulled out as much silly putty as I could by hand. A few seconds of working it in, and the putty dissolved, leaving the jeans clean. Watch Articles. There are some little outfits that would just be heartbreaking to lose! A few more squirts of the sanitizer and rubbing it in, and the pocket was done. Tip 1: I actually did it — just now.

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I was able to save my favorite yoga pants! I let it sit for several hours. You are so welcome, Caitlin! Let the silly putty harden under the ice for 2 - 3 hours. I tried this and it worked!! Yes No. How to. Removed clumps by hand and dumped rubbing alcohol on the remainder. Came out like a charm! Tip 7: The Goo Gone worked for taking silly putty out of carpet! After being woken up by my little boy with a lump of putty on the back of his pjs I panicked as am holiday with none of my usual cleaning aids! I tried it and it was amazing. God Bless, S. Tip Rubbing alcohol!

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