holiday barbies on ebay

Holiday barbies on ebay

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Holiday barbies on ebay

Thanks to this summer's live-action Barbie movie, Barbiemania is at a fever pitch. While die-hard collectors are rushing to snap up Mattel's limited-edition collection of Barbies inspired by the film , the buzz also appears to have increased the demand for collectible vintage Barbies. Which begs the question: Could you have a Barbie worth hundreds of dollars collecting dust in the depths of your childhood closet? The value of any given Barbie can vary based on a variety of factors — including condition, rarity and popularity — and the doll market can fluctuate greatly over time, based on trends and collector preferences. That said, we've rounded up some of the most valuable and highly sought-after Barbie dolls that have fetched high prices through the years, from the first-ever Barbie to rare special release dolls. In the s, Barbie had her own band — and each doll came with its own real cassette tape featuring four songs. Remember this fun Barbie from the early '90s? It included styling gel and hair accessories, so you could give her a next-level look in your own bedroom. A sky-high hairdo is the cherry on top of this extravagant Barbie, of which there are only 10, in the world. This s-era Barbie features a unique twist: Her hair and swimsuit change color when sprayed with a special solutions. With her thigh-high gold boots and chic pink purse, it's obvious that Mattel paired up with a big-time designer to make this high-fashion Barbie. Her fun '80s outfit features a pale pink-and-silver gown, sparkly earrings and big, wavy hair. According to the Washington Post , some Barbie collectors are speculating that we may see a spike in the value of the dolls used as inspiration for Barbie star Margot Robbie's red carpet looks. Case in point: Enchanted Evening Barbie, the vintage doll that Robbie's stylist Andrew Mukamal drew inspiration from when creating the actress' stunning ensemble for the London premiere. If you're a history buff who purchased the Marie Antoinette Barbie, you may want to consider parting with it.

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I remember playing Barbies a lot growing up. I had a best friend, Lauren, who had a great collection of Barbies. We would get together and come up with all sorts of imaginative stories and create our whole own world around the dolls. She was always sure to get the Holiday Barbie to add to her collection! I even remember seeing the and dolls in her collection looking back at these fun pictures of the dolls from over the years. Barbie is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of introducing Holiday Barbie! Their very first Holiday Barbie was in It reminds me a lot of my years in high school and school dances as I was in high school during A couple years later, Holiday Barbie , sparkles in a golden dress. I remember what a big deal it was to be alive for the year , so this doll represents a bit of a special year during my youth.

Holiday barbies on ebay

Since the launch of the Barbie Doll in , little girls around the world have continued to admire and cherish owning one. Holiday Barbies are more exquisite than regular dolls because of their fancy hairstyles, exotic dresses, fancy boxes. In , Ruth and Elliot Handler started a small toymaking business in their garage without knowing it would become an empire. Within three years of establishment, they expanded their company to Los Angeles, California. In , Mattel started a tradition that would go on for another 32 years; it released a unique doll collection designed with extravagant hair, clothes, and accessories and called them Holiday Barbies. Soon as they hit the market, Holiday Barbie dolls sold out, and Mattel realized it appealed to adult collectors as a collectible. Then it changed to Celebration Series between and The Holiday Barbie typically has specific poses and permanent accessories. The Happy Holidays Barbie Doll has a bright smile as big as her hair. Her rhinestone berry jewelry is a stately item that brightens up a room.

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Toys are to be played with. Let us help you with your next Disney Vacation! Probably never will. Search titles only. Split-stay with multiple resorts - looking for feedback. Log in. Replies 1 Views Personally, I would get her another, cheaper Barbie to play with and keep the unopened Holiday Barbies for her when she is older. Just got a phone call and email from not my guide Latest: Best Aunt 4 minutes ago. I collect dolls. Thread starter nkereina Start date Feb 26, I have many, many, many Barbies. This is the perfect thing to "regift" to someone special especially someone also connected in some way to your DDad! Disney Rumors and News.


A box full of dusty, empty Star Wars action figures boxes. DVC Member Services. Shop the Best Saatva Mattress Deals of He swore that if you kept the boxes you could get more money for them. He couldn't believe it when I told him you have to keep the toy IN the box and protect it from water, light, and dust. Each and every Christmas her eyes would light up seeing the beautiful Barbie but I would never open it Today at AM Rosemarym Search Advanced search…. Joined Dec 29, I collect dolls.

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