The hit animated series Bleach is a staple of the Shonen genre, and hisagi tells the tale of Ichigo Kurosaki and his battles against hisagi forces of evil. Fighting by his side are his friends Orihime, Uryu, Chadand Rukia, though some secondary characters also get their chances to shine. He doesn't appear much at first, hisagi, but he had a role to play in the battle for the fake Karakura Town, hisagi, and we see him again in the desperate battle against the Wandenreich. He's not a scene-stealer or the star of the show, but he's got his fans, and now is the time to get to hisagi him better, hisagi.

He shares his position with Mashiro Kuna. Additionally, he has the number "69" tattooed on his left cheek inspired by Kensei Muguruma , who saved him from a Hollow when he was young , as well as a blue-striped tattoo running across his left cheek and over the bridge of his nose. He wears a choker around his throat and matching armbands on both upper arms. These have explosive properties which he exploited in his fight with Findorr Calius. During his academy days, Hisagi's hair was much longer, hanging down to his neck in the back and approaching his chin in the front. Hisagi is an extremely mature and calm individual, a state that is slightly at odds with his somewhat punk-like appearance.


He served under the late Captain Kaname Tosen , until the latter betrayed the soul society. He now serves under Captain Kensei Muguruma. However he angrily shares his co position with Mashiro Kuna who he can't stand. Shuhei Hisagi was born on the day of August 14th, and his parents are never seen or shown. Approximately years before the current story line of the series, a young Hisagi and several of his playmates fell prey to a Hollow attack in the Rukongai district. Luckily, it wasn't long until they were saved by Captain Kensei Muguruma , and the 9th Division. After defeating the unnamed Hollow, Kensei attempted to cheer Hisagi up albeit with a slightly scary smile and sergeant demanding manner and had asked the kid for his name. This was when Hisagi had saw Kensei's " 69 " tattoo on his chest, and he had acquired the inspiration to get the very same tattoo but on his right cheek. Soon after that Hisagi was already a famous Shinigami even before becoming a seated officer. He began taking several different missions with the Gotei 13 when he was still a student of the Shinigami Academy. All went very well until the end of the lesson, when a group of huge Hollows took the class by surprise. As both Kanisawa and Aoga were tragically killed, Hisagi had furiously ordered all of the freshmen to run and he tried to fend off the hollows himself until help arrived. However, he was quickly overpowered, by being wounded over his right eye, and he would have been killed if Renji, Izuru, and Momo hadn't turned back to help him.

Seeing her face on the portrait of the deceased, hisagi realizes it is her funeral. When one of the Shinigami tells her there has been nothing out of the ordinary, Rangiku tells them it is an important assignment, hisagi, so they must stay alert. As he says she will endure a great amount of pain and suffering because of Ichigo, Senna, calling out to him, is surrounded by more threads of Blanks, hisagi.

Despite the ninth squad lieutenant having proficiency with the weapon, its abilities largely pale in comparison to those of other Shinigami. This is why his captain, Kensei Muguruma, urges him to achieve Bankai. Kazeshini's Shikai command is "reap" and, appropriately, upon utterance Kazeshini transforms from a basic katana into two twin-bladed kusarigama. One of the blades on each kusarigama is inverted, and the two weapons are tethered together via a chain. The chains can also be used to immobilize opponents. He intends to "stop" the boy rather than kill him.

In Tite Kubo's Bleach , few characters embody the virtues of duty and respecting one's own power like Shuhei Hisagi does. In the grand scheme of things, Shuhei Hisagi may seem rather inconsequential, since he didn't defeat any Espadas or Sternritter , but his life story is an inspiring one, and more Soul Reapers could stand to follow his example. That was when then-Captain Kensei Muguruma arrived and dispatched it with his Shikai, and the tough-talking Captain scolded the crying Shuhei. The day was won, after all, and Shuhei was safe. Shouldn't he be happy and laughing? Clearly, Kensei isn't very good with kids, but he made an impression all the same. Shuhei's life was changed that day, and when he was old enough, he enrolled at the Soul Reaper academy to become tough and disciplined, just like his hero. Kensei was a highly competent trainee Soul Reaper, carrying out missions even while still in training. One day, he, Renji, Momo and Izuru Kira were on an ordinary mission when a large cluster of Hollows surrounded them and a few classmates.


Bleach came to an end some years ago, but the series has yet to die out. Recently, the latest volume of Can't Fear Your Own World went live in Japan, and the collection includes several bonus sketches. One of the drawings depicted Shuhei Hisagi's Bankai, and the technique is as ominous as you might have guessed. After all, the power-up seems to put Hisagi in a noose, and that is perhaps the most tame part of the Bankai. As you can see above to the right, Hisagi's Bankai is a foreboding one.

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Fortunately, he is saved by Izuru who takes him away. When Ichigo denies saying this, Senna decides to play tag as Ichigo states he never said anything like this. Fighting by his side are his friends Orihime, Uryu, Chad , and Rukia, though some secondary characters also get their chances to shine. As Ichigo grabs her by the arm and pulls her along, Rukia calls him a fool. Realizing something, Mayuri says he now understands why they are here. When Ichigo asks what the perpetrators want, Urahara theorizes they are searching the Human World for the Shinenju. What's funny is that this Shikai actually appeared in the third Bleach movie, Fade to Black , before it appeared in the anime. Getting up, Jai, stating he is back, says he is taking the Shinenju this time. When Ichigo asks who he is, Rukia notes his Reiatsu is incredibly powerful. After the Wandenreich replace the Seireitei with their city, enters the transformed Seireitei. Unfortunately, even his Shikai and bonus training could only take him so far. Stating it is nothing, Hitsugaya says he will be fine if he can get some rest. Pulling Kon's pill out of his plushie, Ichigo, wiping it off on his shirt, swallows it and exits his body.

He shares his position with Mashiro Kuna.

Seeing it fly past him, cutting the tree he was hiding behind in the process, a startled Mue steps back, only to bump into Kenpachi, who says even though he hates chasing people, he is not bad at it. When he does not receive a response, Ichigo sees Senna is no longer there and calls for her until she appears at the corner behind him and calls him over. As they walk all over town and up a hill, Ichigo asks how long they will do this. However, he is shot by Lille Barro, who is hiding on a rooftop. At a restaurant, Senna eats a sandwich and says if Ichigo had told her he would treat her to dinner, she would have answered everything. Looking at the sky above Iba, Ikkaku, asking what is going on, sees a town through a hole in the sky which continues to expand. The Honey Dish Rhapsody. Stating they determined he belongs to a clan which was exiled from Soul Society after a territorial dispute, he says this explains their motives for attacking, but their true goal is still a mystery. Hisagi has been seen carrying his Zanpakuto both at his waist and on his back. As the snow-covered land fades, leaving the boy in a cavern, the boy states he did it. When Hitsugaya is enveloped in an explosion, a laughing Riyan forms more projectiles and fires them at him. Big on their album Mr.

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