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So that's how it is in their family. Twenty-one-year-old Damian Hurley is making his directorial debut with the erotic thriller Strictly Confidential , and his mother, Elizabeth Hurley , 58, plays a key role in the project. The elder Hurley appears to play one of Rebecca's family members holding a dark secret — and for some reason, a good portion of her screen time in the trailer is spent hooking up with another female character, played by Pear Chiravara. To be fair, sensual scenes are par for the course for erotic thrillers, and there are plenty of other sexy sequences in the trailer that don't involve Hurley's character — but the overall tone of the Austin Powers star's scenes feel a little weirder with the knowledge that her son wrote the screenplay and is working behind the camera. The filmmaker told PEOPLE that even though the "power dynamic" between him and his famous mom as director and actor was "complicated at the best of times," the collaborative process was still satisfying. In a Instagram post celebrating the conclusion of filming, Damian praised his "beautiful and supreme mother" for accompanying him on his creative journey. Lionsgate will release Strictly Confidential on April 5. Watch the new trailer above.


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