harriet the spy imdb

Harriet the spy imdb

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Harriet M. Welsch is a spy. But when her friends find her secret notebook, the tables are turned on her. Can she win them back and still keep on going with the spy business? Ole Golly : You know what? You're an individual, and that makes people nervous.

Harriet the spy imdb

Young spy Harriet Welsch crosses paths with popular student Marion Hawthorne as the two girls vie to become the official blogger of their high school class. Tiffany St. John : You won't regret it! Missy is Finch : [gasps] Wet! Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Play trailer Comedy Family. Director Ron Oliver. See production info at IMDbPro. Top credits Director Ron Oliver. Videos 1. Trailer

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Sign In. Harriet the Spy Hide Spoilers. PS the rosie odonnell billing is way over valued. Michelle Trachtenberg,as Harriet, more than ably carries the film, especially considering she was only 11 at the time. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Is About Itself tedg 8 March This little film has been roundly criticized for being disjointed and amateurish.

Harriet the spy imdb

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Learn more. Top cast Edit. New Customer? Minor Role uncredited Danny Glover See the full list. Cop uncredited Miranda Jade Bruno Hong Fat as Paul Lee. Carrie Andrews. Women in Science Fiction. Box office Edit. Welsch is a spy. See production info at IMDbPro. Alisha Morrison Laura Peters. Episode guide.

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Gregory Smith Sport. Welsch Robert Joy Guess who's got the advantage? Plummer Charlotte Sullivan Sign In Sign In. Janie's Mother Mercedes Enriquez Watching Mr. Jane Lynch Ole Golly voice. User reviews 11 Review. Michelle Trachtenberg Harriet M. Storyline Edit.

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