hairstyles long on top short sides

Hairstyles long on top short sides

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Brush your hair back, go for polished pomp, or rock a hipster undercut — you name it! With just a bit of wax or gel, you can prominently tame and flaunt your straight, wavy, or curly strands. Shaved or faded sides let you add some real stark contrast and modern, laid-back touch to your appearance while your top hair runs free. Before your next haircut, check out these popular pictures of haircuts with short sides and a long top that men love. An Edgar cut is trendy, with a bald fade on the sides. This style blends into a short, textured, or point-cut length and features a fringe. On the other hand, a matte, spiked feel can be achieved using matte clay.

Hairstyles long on top short sides


This mid fade haircut perfectly transitions into the layered length on top to focus on the style. Will Smith's version is accompanied by a well-groomed goatee, to balance the look. A bit of styling paste enhances the suave style.


Bold hairstyles are on trend these days. That being said, sleek and cropped haircuts too have been gaining popularity as they are more comfortable and suit almost every man. One such sleek hairstyle is the short sides and the long top. While the sides are kept short, you can select the top haircut according to the texture of your hair, face shape and other factors. You can also choose to keep a quiff, pompadour, slick back to the top of your head. Here are 20 of the best short sides long top hair dos that we absolutely love. Take a look!

Hairstyles long on top short sides

For put-together, bold, minimalist women, the best short sides long top hairstyle ideas are all the rage these days. Luckily, a gorgeous short sides long top hairstyle is here for you, if you aim to look dashing with minimal effort! Plenty of hairstyles in this list will have you rocking painted pastel or electric neon hues so that you can turn heads all day long. One thing that every hairstyle on this list has in common? They all take the tiniest amount of effort to get ready in the morning, leaving you more time to seize the day! Working ladies will love our first short sides long top hairstyle idea: a layered, spiky pixie cut, with a tasteful tint.

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For this style, actor Kit Harington's natural wave is combed back, but for a more natural look, the hair can be allowed to fall on its own, without the use of any products. David Alexander is contributing writer for Byrdie and a licensed master stylist with nearly two decades of experience in men's hair care. Instagram ambarberia. Go for a mens haircut short sides long top like this. A little bit of work will be needed on the top. For this long-on-top style, Zac Efron's hair is razor-cut on top and in the front to add movement, texture, and separation. Leave your hair on top with epic upward spikes. In this shot, Liam Hemsworth's longer hair is styled in a loose, spiky style. A scrunch dry with a volume spray and pomade will make the curls bounce all day long. Tapered mohawk and side designs are a fun variation of a mohawk.

Getting a haircut with short sides and a long top can put you right in style, giving you an attractive, trendy, stylish and clean look. A versatile option for hair textures, lengths and requirements, this haircut can undoubtedly give you an edge and a new look.

Line Up. A good gel or a pomade would be recommended to style your long hair short sides, depending on your hair type and density. Instagram duplexbarberia. What haircut looks best on men with round faces? Wavy Pompadour. Work in a light hold styling balm to provide moisture and a natural finish. A fade is good if you want a short and tight style, while a taper is more natural. Thank you [email] for signing up. For this style, the front is disconnected from the sides, and the hair is worn brushed forward and to the side. Instagram stebbicutter. Look like a legend with this classic pompadour that stands out flawlessly! In this shot, Liam Hemsworth's longer hair is styled in a loose, spiky style. This cut can create various styles keeping men looking stylish at all times.

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