Furries suits for sale

We use high quality furs and other materials to create custom one-of-a-kind designs for you.

Enjoy unrivaled favorable furry costume available on Alibaba. Alibaba supplies wholesale furry costume costumes in a range of styles. If you are looking for wholesale costumes from favorite holidays, then browse from our holiday collection of furry costume costumes. For a loved favorite, then choose our snowman costume, complete with a hat and fake carrot. We also have pumpkin costumes, which are fun outfits to wear around Halloween time.

Furries suits for sale


Bodysuits with Specialty Padding. It all depends on your personal preferences.


Our costumes are hand-crafted in the USA from scratch to meet your individual needs and to provide maximum visual appeal, comfort, and wearability. We have more than 15 years of experience designing costumes; with over to date, they can be found at conventions worldwide. We specialize in furry creatures of all shapes and sizes. Check out our Gallery to see some of our most recent work! D ependable- Our team of full time artists and seamstresses has a combined 50 years of costuming experience. With our 2, square foot workshop in Arizona, industrial equipment, and over yards of fabric in stock, we are always ready for any project.

Furries suits for sale

It should be noted that fursuits are, for many furries, prohibitively expensive and require intensive time and skill to create and, as such, there are many furries who, despite wishing to own a fursuit, are unable to. Moreover, there are many furries whose interest in furry content simply does not manifest itself as a desire to dress up in a fursuit. Despite this, furries are routinely conflated with fursuiters, a misconception we aimed to test empirically. In one study, 1 participants were asked whether they owned a full fursuit defined as including a head, paws, torso and tail, where applicable , a partial fursuit defined as owning at least two or three of the above items , or owned furry paraphernalia ears, tail, paws, clothes, buttons, etc. Specifically, they were asked, for each item, whether they owned it, did not yet own it but intended to , did not own it, did not own it and probably would never own it, or whether they did not own it and did not want to own it. The results are displayed in the figures below. The data therefore dispel the common misconception that furries are all fursuiters.

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Popular in your industry. Tails are made with belt loops at the back of the tail to attach around the waist via a 2 inch wide belt. We use high quality furs and other materials to create custom one-of-a-kind designs for you. Arm Sleeves run the full length of your arm, from shoulder to wrist, and are connected by an elastic band worn across your back. Wings are most often made in high quality cuddle fabrics, with internal structure for a smooth, durable look. We also have pumpkin costumes, which are fun outfits to wear around Halloween time. Bodysuits have a zipper for easy in and out, and feature double-stitching plus seam serging for extra durability! Details we CAN make: Mohawks, crests, bangs, full hair. Trade Assurance Safe and easy payments Money-back policy On-time shipping After-sales protections Product monitoring services. If you don't see what you're looking for here or in our gallery, feel free to ask about it! We do NOT use low quality materials or techniques to provide you with a cheaper cost. Short Cuddle fabric for rodents, lizards, dragons, etc. They have a thick mat sole on the bottom of the foot so they can be worn outdoors.

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We do NOT make suits with extensive airbrushing as it isn't very durable. Very wide hips and bum padding. Sleeves are fitted to your provided measurements or DTD. We also have pumpkin costumes, which are fun outfits to wear around Halloween time. About products and suppliers: Enjoy unrivaled favorable furry costume available on Alibaba. You can buy fursuit parts while also reserving furs to go towards your full suit later on, to ensure they match. We do NOT make duplicates of suits or characters owned by other individuals. Outdoor Feet have croc-style shoes inside for a secure fit. We do NOT modify or fix suits made by other makers. Bappy Feral Hybrid. Custom Commissions. Slim Fit. Scutes, spikes, horns - anywhere you need them! Paw pads are made in faux leather, and claws in a hard plastic.

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