four bfdi

Four bfdi

Either as a playable character, assist trophy, boss battle, etc.

The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series. Please watch the episode s if you have not seen them yet. Four is an algebralian , the main host of Battle for BFB , and the host of the non-canon one-episode series, Battle for Permission to Meet They appear to be abstract beings representing real-life numbers, letters, or algebraic variables. Four exhibits very surreal mannerisms, including being able to deform or change mutilate characters , revive them, screech to stun them killing them on some occasions , eliminate them by sucking them into their body sending them to the EXIT , and shoot energy beams from their hands.

Four bfdi

Four is an integer and the main host as well as the main antagonist of BFB, and the non-canon one-episode series, Battle for Permission to Meet They appear to be abstract beings representing real-life numbers, letters, or algebraic variables. Main page Recent changes Random page MediaWiki help. User tools. Recent changes Random page New files New videos. English Create account Log in Dark mode. We currently have 1, articles on Loathsome Characters Wiki. Type your article name above or create one of the articles listed here! Loading comments Categories : Characters Cartoon characters Object show characters Bad characters from good media Egotistic characters Bullies Psychopaths Stubborn characters Immature characters Characters who can't take criticism YouTube characters Mean-spirited Bossy characters Manipulators Brainwashers Flanderized Crybabies Whiny characters Greedy characters Bad characters who have improved Redeemed characters Karma Houdini Punching bags Spoiled Aware of how bad they are Dumb characters Overly talkative Objects Bad characters with memorable quotes Genderless Tantrum throwers Web characters Battle for Dream Island characters Obnoxious characters Unlikable characters Characters who are terrible role models Abusive characters Internet memes Controversial characters Characters who should be in prison Characters that didn't age well Hate sinks Characters with bad voice acting Flash animated characters Thugs Bad versions of good characters Creepy characters Deities.

Microphone and Two rescue them in time, getting into the van driven by Controlly until heading four bfdi that doesn't have contestants. When they are finished, Four tells them the first contest, which is to get X's baskets back to him.

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This is Thesecret I am an admin of this site. Edit as much as you wish, but one little thing If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! Four is one of the two secondary antagonists of the YouTube animated web series Battle for Dream Island. Although he appeared for the first time in the canon video X Finds Out His Value alongside his best friend and co-host X. Four is shown to be an abstract being representing a real-life mathematical symbol. In early episodes, Four is a poorly drawn version of the open arabic numeral four, he has a blue wretched body, with white eyes with black pupils and limbs that are lightly-colored, however in late episodes, he is drawn more consistently and neater. However, he may be drawn sloppily at times.

Four bfdi

This article covers the relationship between Four and X. Despite their conflicts, the majority of which were caused by Four, they are best friends in the series. In one of jacknjellify 's first videos, X Finds Out His Value , Four seems to be caring for X, as he helps him find his value, which happens to be 7. They are the hosts in Battle for BFB , so their relationship is still on good terms. The first challenge shows that Four still cares for X, and X cooperates with Four during the eliminations. X and Four agree with practically everything during the show. However, Four still harms X or screeches at them occasionally. Four is often aggressive or harsh towards X, causing him to become injured or sad. Despite this, over the course of the show, Four's demeanor towards X has become more friendly, along with their overall relationship with each other.

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Reason : Host of one of the main object shows. He attempts to bathroom, some successful, with different methods, like mutilating them, using a powerful electric beam known as "Zappies" , and by unleashing a powerful screech that can do mass damage to others, even causing them to faint. He fails to stop The Strongest Team on Earth from getting the food. After Lollipop chooses Gelatin, Four says who's up for elimination. Popular pages. Recent changes Random page New files New videos. After eating Pillow, Four says the contest is to find X's treasure before X does. In the stinger, Four tells X that they have done a magnificent job at making a garden, the camera then shows Flower in a pot. Four as a BRB. This causes more outsiders to interfere with the game and causes him and the final 5 to leave the ruins and flee to the desert. View history Talk 2. A BFB?

The information in the article below contains spoilers for the BFDI series.

Thanks for 1,, Subscribers! Evil Leafy. Some of the eliminated contestants suddenly pop out from Spongy's holes, with Loser escaping completely. Recent blog posts Forum Rules. Four does so reluctantly. Lollipop and Teardrop come out next, Teardrop with the blessed totem, and Lollipop with the cursed. BFB 4. Four then lowers X's garden to a courtroom. Purple Face is then recovered and Four starts to announce the merge before X interrupts and does it for him, making Four mad again. Bracelety is eliminated so Four sucks her in through his mouth. Four hears Gelatin being dissolved to death and recovers him inside of the jail. Start a Wiki.

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