Exalted plains puzzle

December I haven't had to use these forums in quite some time. But I've been playing PC version of DAI for quite a while now, and exalted plains puzzle so far been able to rely on Youtube and other websites if I got stuck anywhere that I needed help with in this game.

First teach how to use " Hold Position " command to stay still party memeber when you need it. Trigger to turn statue and shot with archer is in X. Trick is that pillars P1, P2, P3, P4 block arrows from hitting spheres. We should lower pillars and light spheres. Stand with one of your team members on press plate 01 , split team and with second team member use X , as many times as B1 will glow.

Exalted plains puzzle

Log In Sign Up. What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. HoIlywood 9 years ago 1. Please halp! NovaLevossida 9 years ago 2. One is a switch you'll need to stand on use hold position while another person pulls the statue rotation lever. You need to light all torches for another one. There's a switch on the opposite side of the room that opens a gate you can go inside. Last one pull that same switch to trap the person inside the gate to where they can pull a lever. This opens a gate on the other side of the room to which you can go in to move the last pillar.

After all the torches are lit, pull the switch to rotate the archer. ScritchOwl 9 years ago 10 niceguy posted

The great stone hand was something of a mystery. One assumes it is a piece broken off from a larger whole. If so, judging by the size of that one hand, I imagine the entire sculpture to be Thus I have only one question: where is the rest of the statue? It is difficult to imagine how something so large could go missing. The Dead Hand is one of the Landmarks on the Plains with an elven shrine underneath it. It is located east of the Ghilan'nain's Grove camp and found by traveling southeast of the camp past the fade rift.

The Exalted Plains , also known as Dirthavaren "the promise" in elvish , is a region of the Dales in Orlais. The Exalted Plains is a grassland region with myriad abandoned forts. It was here, centuries ago, that the Dalish kingdom met its bitter end, the holdouts of the elven army making their last stand, refusing to surrender against the champions of Andraste : the templar , the sister , and the nobleman patron. The champions' cause was just, and their faith led them to victory. The plains were henceforth called "Exalted. The Exalted Plains are steeped in conflict. Centuries ago, the Elves of the Dale made their last stand here. More recently, The Plains played host to some of the most heated conflicts of the Orlesian Civil War.

Exalted plains puzzle

Open your map of the Fereldan continent. Locate the city of Denerim, which is located in the southern part of the continent. Draw a line from Denerim up to the northwestern corner of the map. The Exalted Plains are located just to the northwest of Denerim. Enjoy your time in the Exalted Plains! The Inquisitor can gain access to the Plains by conducting the Investigate the Exalted Plains war table scouting campaign in Skyhold. When you first arrive at Skyhold, Silence on the Plains is automatically activated. To reach the Exalted Plains, the self-titled mission must be completed from the war table. Even though defeating Ser Hildebrandt can be difficult, the rewards are well worth it.

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This is a bit strange. Ferelden locks where to find them after main and side quests complete? I posted a reply here yesterday, I've just come back to have another look, and it seems a bit strange as either my reply wasn't submitted or it was somehow taken off as I don't see my reply here now. Cattabria 9 years ago 2 kinco posted Is this possoble at all?? December MissTuliptus ; See here. For e. Trick is that pillars P1, P2, P3, P4 block arrows from hitting spheres. Then, return the switch to its original position, giving the trapped character access to one of the torches and a switch. For everthing else use KY. Have person go inside and stay. I'm just going to make another reply and hope nothing funny happens to it this time.

The entrance to the room with the puzzle is sealed off with a magic barrier. This mission is not an official quest, but it is rewarded and poses a challenge to players. The puzzle is located in the Dead Hand area of the Exalted Plains.

I read a page somewhere Nevermind, I just figured out that you have to hold X ps4 for it to go down. After all the torches are lit, pull the switch to rotate the archer. What do you need help on? I was able to understand the first section, but as I continued to read I just found it more and more confusing. Cancel Save. The only problem I really have Dragon Age Series. Please halp! One torch is closest to the entrance on the western side, another is behind the gate on the east side near the southeast switch that opens that gate, note that activating this switch lights the torches on either side of the gate and the last torch is on the north end of the eastern side. I tried using this "stand and wait" option in my game, and personally, I don't seem to have any problems with that one that I've noticed. Does anyone know if there are more puzzles like this in the game?

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