english 9 quarter 3 module 2

English 9 quarter 3 module 2

JanuaryMELCs: 1.

Analyze literature as a means of connecting to the world. Choose from the options below. Write the letter of your answers only. Simile b. Metaphor c. Personification d.

English 9 quarter 3 module 2


Of course, of course" said Mr. Literary Devices Literary Devices. Close suggestions Search Search.


Performance Standard: The learner skillfully performs in one-act play through utilizing effective verbal and non-verbal strategies and ICT resources based on the following criteria: Focus, Voice, Delivery, and Dramatic Conventions. Objectives: 1. Analyze the radio play and relate it to actual experiences in the modern world 2. Listen to the radio play and share thoughts regarding the values gained from the text 3. Create infographics and disseminate information to the community 4. Share insights, feedback, and reaction to given situations that require critical processing. How willing are you to help others caught in emergency situations? Your mother A hazardous complains of chemical in the dizziness and falls Chemistry Lab spills to the ground producing smoke unconscious.

English 9 quarter 3 module 2

January , MELCs: 1. Determine the relevance and the truthfulness of the ideas presented in the material viewed. Answer the apply it in your Answer the guide questions life.

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Report this Document. Why if you burrow under my feet, I'll fall over and land on my head. Booklet Rubric Booklet Rubric. Close suggestions Search Search. Literary Elements Literary Elements. Guide Questions: 1. RHYME is a repetition of similar sounding words, occurring at the end of lines in poems or songs. Reading Reading. They then set out to find Mr. A source may declare the contrary of what it knows, or just say less, or something different, even if consistent with its knowledge.

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Usha Usha. A long time ago, there lived a rat couple who had one daughter. Literature: Ms. Rat, while Mrs. Rat said to his wife "I know who will make the perfect husband for our daughter, the Sun. SQ Mm. They thought about all of the rats that they knew, but none of them were good enough for their daughter. Write the letter of your answers only. It was published for the first time in English 9. What does this scene tell about the personality of Romeo? Metaphor c. Today, some voices have questioned the relevance and importance of honesty, truthfulness, and truth in communication. One question per group 1. Wherever he blows, I must go.

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