emperor regent persona 5

Emperor regent persona 5

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Regent is a Treasure Demon in Persona 5. Presently, it remains in the French Royal Treasury at the Louvre. Due to numerous scandals, and the misfortune of those who have been in possession of the stone, the Regent Diamond is said to be cursed. Regent is the first Persona of the Emperor Arcana and the first Treasure Demon the protagonist encounters. It is a forced encounter in Madarame's Palace. In that encounter, Morgana was mysteriously drawn to the golden vase that contained it and caused everyone sans the protagonist to be trapped in security lasers.

Emperor regent persona 5

Treasure Demons are handy Personas to get a hold of in Persona 5. They serve a variety of roles in the game: fodder for fusion materials, enhancing other Personas , and can be sacrificed for tons of experience points. Many players value them because they make filling out the Persona Compendium much easier. There are nine Treasure Demons, with different incentives for catching them, making some more valuable than others. Here are the different ones that can be encountered and why they're worth getting a hold of. Updated on November 30, , by Christopher Argentino: With all the news around Persona 5 Royal getting its Switch release, it's time for newcomers to find out about all the Treasure Demons they will encounter along the way. But, of course, you can't go far into the Metaverse without picking up that extra EXP and money these Shadows drop. So we've updated this article by adding the needed stats and weaknesses. To ensure you can add them to your Compendium and use them each time, you need to get that unique Persona in your ranks. Now go out there and save Tokyo from its demise.

It's found in Maruki's Palace. Gott ist tot.

As you play through Persona 5 , you'll be met with several surprises and new mechanics that'll make the Persona fan in you salivate. The Regent is one such surprise. What is it, and how do you use it? We've got all the details here. It's based on the Regent Diamond — a special, enormous karat diamond from India — named by French regent Philippe the Second. You can't use it in combat, but it's an especially powerful boon for fusion. It's part of a larger collection of rare Personas that you'll be able to gather together for special augments.

These foes cannot harm you or your party members. Bringing them down in any way will net you and your friends some awesome experience. However, if you are able to knock them down and capture them, you can use them to create powerful new Personas. Treasure Demons may found inside every smashable treasure inside of a palace, but their appearance is random. As such, be sure to use Third Eye as much as possible while roaming around palaces, always smashing open yellow objects when you have the chance. If there is a Treasure Demon inside, you will have to chase it around and attack it. There are a few different variities of Treasure Demon, each with their own specific weakness.

Emperor regent persona 5

In Persona 4 , players can come across special golden hands that are hard to beat but provide a lot of money and experience. Persona 5 Royal continues the tradition but gives it a Phantom Thief spin by making them Treasure Demons. Each Treasure Demon is based on a famous gem or item of jewelry from history. Finding them is hard and beating them is even harder, but if players can pull it off they'll get all kinds of rewards, much more than just money. However, Persona 5 Royal doesn't make the job easy. Starting with Madarame's Museum of Vanity , every Palace in the game has at least one Treasure Demon associated with it. A Treasure Demon has a low chance of spawning when players break a search object that has something inside, and the odds go up when the Security Level is high. This means the best time to hunt for Treasure Demons is during a Treasure run, since the Security Level can never go below 80 percent. Treasure Demons also have a chance of showing up during regular Shadow fights. The other place Treasure Demons show up is in Mementos.

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How to fuse Lachesis? Yatagarasu is part of a chain of hard-to-achieve fusions making the Crystal Skull a high priority for Treasure Demon Hunters. You'll need to experiment with various Personas in your collection to see which one will be the most powerful and beneficial for your group. It's part of a larger collection of rare Personas that you'll be able to gather together for special augments. Best build for Orpheus F and persona for buffing. You can't use it in combat, but it's an especially powerful boon for fusion. With the Persona Compendium you can re-summon any persona including Treasure Demons like Regent for a fusion with a different partner. Fortune Arcana are helpful, so farming this Demon might be worth your time. TheOneAndOnly44 posted If you have the Regent, make sure you save it for something special. New Persona Original Soundtracks.

Once inside the Metaverse, jump up the truck and over the wall. Continue your way onto the roof and through the window, just like last time.

The Auto-Tarukaja skill is a nice perk and is handy for fusing with the rare Treasure Demons. Don't have an account? This item increases Endurance by five and gives the Auto-Tarukaja skill, which automatically increases an ally's Attack. Log In Sign Up. Gott ist tot. The Koh-i-Noor can be found in Okumara's Palace. The Regent is one such surprise. This Demon can be used to raise the rank of Death and Sun Arcana by two, making it very useful. When used in fusing, it will increase the rank of Empress and Moon Arcana by two. Persona 5 : What is the Regent? Technical dmg: Mental ailment. Megami Tensei franchise. Rare chance of Freeze.

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