dst seasoning

Dst seasoning

Seasoned dished gain the adjective 'Spicy' before their names.

Just as other survivors cannot use the Portable Crock Pot, they cannot use this structure either. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Willow: All that work better be worth it. Wolfgang: Wolfgang will turn grinder with this mighty muscles! Wendy: If only it could spice up my life. Woodie: I'm not usually one for fancy spices.

Dst seasoning

You have to sail to it, mine it fighting cookie cutters and waste a lot of time collecting it to get at least 1 stack for some minor health buff for food? It's just not worth it in my opinion. It just feels like waste of salt. Would a simple stat increase, like even more health, be the solution here, or do you guys think that a more creative effect is probably what the salt needs? The thing about seasoning salt is that once you've built all the salt boxes you wanted, there is no further use for salt. It's quite a bunch. I think the problem about this is that it takes 3 salt crystals just to make 2 salted foods, which considering how annoying it is to get salt it seems a bit too much and it becomes too troublesome, when you can just make another healing food for much less effort instead. I'd probably lower the costs so you use just 2 salt pieces, for 2 seasoning salts rate , or I'd evaluate the possibility to get 2 seasoning salts out of just one salt crystal. Salt is quite hard to obtain right now. Maybe if you'd make like 5 from 1 salt rock it could be better. I don't play Warly, because the food memory scares me, but would a spice that didn't activate his food memory for boss fights perhaps be useful? I think this is the most realistic solution. The bonus health is a nice effect but the current rate of obtaining it is very low. Especially considering the fact that unlike his other spices which last several minutes, this is an instantaneous and rather small effect. You might only need to eat one spiced dish per fight but depending on how much you get hit you could be eating many salted ones.

I'd like to see lots more content in general for the ocean and I'd love to see more uses for salt, dst seasoning, but to deny salt more uses as of now just because there isn't more ocean content yet, Really? This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I would personally advocate for giving dst seasoning salt a brand new effect.

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Nutrients are present in the ground of Farm Soil. They are important components in the growth of Farm Plants. The amount of each nutrient in the soil can be inferred from the presence of small brown particles on the farm soil. A Premier Gardeneer Hat can be used to color the particles and make them easier to see. The number of particles changes at 0, 1, 25, 50 and nutrient points. Each tile can contain up to points of each nutrient. The initial value is random, between 20 to 40 points for each nutrient. Farm plants consume one type of nutrient and produces the other two in return cf. Farm Plant.

Dst seasoning

He can craft the Portable Crock Pot and two additional cookware: a Portable Grinding Mill to make seasoning powders , and a Portable Seasoning Station to season any prepared foods. Warly is the only character who can use this cookware. Seasoned foods have additional benefits such as increasing work efficiency, increasing attack damage, or heightening damage absorption. Warly also only takes half as long 0. He is also completely unable to eat food that is not a prepared dish from a Crock Pot. He remembers the food he has eaten for 2 days. Any further repetition does not increase this penalty.

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Just like with Portable Crock Pot, this can be used only by Warly. W0l0l0 Posted January 9, Warly: My own special recipe. Likes 0. It bugged me that the only dishes which were worth it to be seasoned were Powdercake for Honey Crystals, Jellybeans for Garlic Powder and Volt Goat Chaud-Froid for Chili Flakes due to their long perish time or since they're more useful if used together. Well-met Posted January 9, You get 2 pieces of the spice you craft. He's no fun. Nicola Void 16 Aug, pm. Likes 3.

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Woodie: I feel as strong as a grizzly bear! But like, salt is a part of that ocean content? Thank you for reading : Was this guide helpful? Walter: Mmm, looks good! This way, we'll gather salt by 'osmosis', just like we gather carrots and fruit when exploring the map. But anyways, main discussion, as Electroely said I think I'd rather see a new use for Warlys salt spice rather than buffing the ability it has now. Willow: I like the way it sets my mouth on fire. Webber: Ho! This item is used to apply the spices you made on a cooked dish by Warly only. Wormwood: Makes mouth on fire! View mobile website. Likes 3.

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