dragon nest silver hunter skill build

Dragon nest silver hunter skill build

I'm making a guide about Silver Hunter, so let's go. We love Ignoring Mechs don't hurt me Joorji. Decent dmg but that's about it to be honest. Drop down if needed and rebuff.

Disclaimer : This guide is written to my best knowledge and understanding of the class. This post is not on a payroll. Contents are reflective of the recent years, i. The guide is not intended to shape or mould your game-play. Please use this as a complimentary guide alongside your existing strategy. We do however accept donations to further affirm our efforts to make helpful guides.

Dragon nest silver hunter skill build

I had a lot of fun playing this class. I will not talk about DPS ranking in this guide because that changes every month. Silver Hunter act as a light element DPS class in a party. If you get the first version instead, there is not much changes except the aerial combo of Silver Hunter is slightly harder in the newer version. Some extra information on Silver Hunter: 1. Silver Hunter has a special page for character creation like Dark Avenger 2. You will be in Hunter class after creation, the awaken job change mission is on level 50 4. Your Hunter is on level 1 after creation. The appearance is the same as a SH after transform without wings. Able to use tumble in air. You will get 1 stamina every 1s after learning Silver Hunter. And you could have 10 stamina at most.

Like Like. Mind if yiu could show a vid of it? Start with 2 hit point-blank attack if one of them hit target it'll reset CD of EX-instant and fire 1 counter shot.

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Dragon nest silver hunter skill build

This guide to the Black Mara class includes the skill build, crests, iframes, tips and tricks, and rotation provided by Joorji If you have any questions regarding this guide, please ask in the official Project Duck Discord server. If you're interested in learning about other classes, we have a Class Guide Archive! Black Mara is an extremely flexible class that has a lot of skill expression with mobility and animation cancels.

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Unfortunately the way it work made it not effective in burst-centric party at all. Hi, it is because of Diminishing Returns. Shoot an arrow shower to the area in front of you, left click to shoot a large holy arrow after that. AjiBuster commented. When transform she'll able to cast her main skill in mid-air and halve cool down. This is not recommended because the altitude will not be high enough for a air combo. Log in now. Cons of this skill is huge MP consumption. Can choose landing point within 8m range. I honestly do not see Falcon EX annoying tho? Recommended: Arrow Storm I would recommend this because you need that light element bonus from technique rings, so you need the second one.


Email Name Website. Moment Evade Do a back flip. You could use lv90 gears for armors , or RDN Legendary gear if possible. You could start gearing your SH from that. Also it doesn't have any CD seal, if you are not used to SH, you may feel disorder and lose air-bourn unintentionally or can't perform main combo as often as u should be. Have a nice day. Balance its use wisely. Raniyama: sorry for replying late. So no fly-forever game anymore. Feel free to adapt it to your preference. Be cautious when using this skill while airborne; especially when the boss is using a ground mech. Falcon do not have elemental effect on its attack. It was discussed on various archer threads.

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