digimon rule 34

Digimon rule 34

Are you tired of the same old batch of starters? Repeatedly battling and capturing the same Legendaries and Pseudos? The same archetypes you know like the back of your Pokewatch?

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Digimon rule 34

Renamon is a beast man digimon and digimon technically don't have specific genders so why does everyone automatically assume Renamon's one gender? To me I think Renamon can be any gender, even androgynous since in the English dub it's a female doing the voice, in the Japanese dub it's also a female voicing it as well, in the German dub Renamon has a male voice. Throughout Renamon stays the same, having very masculine personality and digivolutions, they even state in multiple episodes they would give their life for Rika. Renamon is a digimon I adore and I'm researching. I find it funny that you're going on about how Digimon don't have genders yet you were addressing Renamon as a "she". Idk I kinda see Renamon as a she and always refer to it as a she mainly cuz of the voice in the anime but technically there is no gender for digimon in general. And that's me being bluntly honest. Well, that quote is misleading first off. Secondly, there is two seasons where Digimon have genders. Xros Wars and Appmon. Though Appmon is presumably. But yeah, quite normal for Digimon to be rule 34'd. You should look up WereGarurumon or Flamedramon. XD Jk jk, don't. Not unless you don't want to.



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Digimon rule 34

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Latest threads. So any rumors, updates or leaks?? I mean you could just be looking for like an epic digimon cover picture for a battle rp or something and then boom rule 34 appears. Next Article Pokemon Lark. Mocha Joe Member. Repeat at least five times and check your Trainer card for badges. Maybe do a remastered collection of Cyber Sleuth for current systems. Jun 2, 8, Harpoon Member. Yeah king, give us nothing. Prelude Member. Oct 26, 10, JavaScript is disabled.


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