deep dive dubai ticket price 2022

Deep dive dubai ticket price 2022

Scuba diving in Dubai will never be the same as divers can explore an underwater city at Deep Dive Dubai. Abandoned apartments and streetscapes, an underwater city waiting to be discovered and explored by divers. This is a unique dive — a dive like no other.

Just dipping your toes into the world of scuba diving? Then Discover Scuba Dive is the perfect experience for you as it requires no previous experience. Get ready for a refreshing adventure and a few new skills. Explore Deep Dive Dubai — down to 12 metres deep. Your experience starts with a short briefing on the basics of scuba diving and an introduction of the equipment, followed by shallow water practice.

Deep dive dubai ticket price 2022

Make a splash into the 60m indoor pool to explore wonderful underwater attractions. Being 4x larger than other diving pools in the world, the Deep Dive Dubai offers an adventure-filled unique diving experience to the participants. During this underwater escapade, explore the sunken abandoned city. Snorkeling, free diving, or scuba diving, go for any of the experiences you want depending upon your swimming skills. Deep Dive Dubai maintains the highest hygiene and safety standards. There are some large screens monitoring the movement of the divers. Well-trained staff are there to help the divers in the unlikely event of an accident. The pool has 14 million liters of fresh water, which is kept at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The operational hours are 10 am to 8 pm. Weekends are packed with crowds.

All your scuba diving, freediving and snorkelling experiences at Deep Dive Dubai will allow you to explore different levels of the Sunken City! The water inside the pool has a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. No, you must not go at high altitudes at least 24 hours after the dive.

Looking for the perfect diving experience? Beginner or not, experienced or simply testing waters, Deep Dive Dubai is the perfect place for you! Ranging from experiences for inexperienced people looking to start diving, to expert divers, Deep Dive Dubai has a slew of options for everyone! Deep Dive Dubai's pools were open to public from 21 July , and boasts of highly advanced diving technologies , as well as a unique experience in the form of it's Sunken City - an underwaterscape created to enthrall those seeking to go diving into the deepest swimming pool in the world! It is recommended that you purchase Deep Dive Dubai tickets online in advance for a date and time slot of your convenience. Slots are sold out almost on a daily basis, so it's best you buy tickets before hand.

Deep Dive Dubai pool, at 60m at its deepest, offers divers a unique experience. After weeks of teasers — and seeing some famous names, such as Will Smith , take the plunge — Deep Dive Dubai has finally opened to the public. The metre-deep pool, which houses an entire sunken city, is accepting online bookings on its website for experiences available starting from Wednesday. Along with scuba diving and freediving, a Discover Snorkelling experience has also been added. Currently, the experiences on offer can be broken down into Discover for first-timers , Dive for divers with a certification and Develop for first-timers and certified divers. The Discover category of snorkelling, scuba diving and freediving is for those who want to take their first steps towards certification as a diver.

Deep dive dubai ticket price 2022

Ever wondered what it would be like to explore a sunken city? Well, wonder no more! Deep Dive Dubai offers you the chance to live that amazing experience for real. Recently, H.

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I am very keen to see if the experience is worth it. Apart from these, all other diving equipment provided to you will be included in the ticket price. The world's deepest pool at 60 meters, Deep Dive Dubai is guaranteed to offer you some of the most unique diving experiences. Slots are sold out almost on a daily basis, so it's best you buy tickets before hand. The seat restaurant feels clean, light, and spacious, with viewing windows into the pool, providing a meal and show as divers glide past. Travel Blog. It allows you to explore the deepest parts of the man-made indoor aquarium by diving or snorkeling in the safety of a controlled diving environment. Dubai , United Arab Emirates Posted 1 year ago. Booking Tour. However, it is recommended you carry regular swimwear, a bathtowel and flipflops. Best Time to Visit Weekends are packed with crowds. Book your tickets beforehand to enjoy what all the attraction has to offer. You acknowledge that you are free from medical conditions that require immediate medical attention or hinder your ability to snorkel. Add to cart Book now. She made available the tickets at a very good price and booked for us.


These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled. You can get certified here and get started on your diving journey. The Pavlova and the sea bass are among the best selling dishes at Fi'lia. Log in now. However, it is recommended you carry regular swimwear, a bathtowel and flipflops. Scuba Diving Freediving. It has different aspects of a cityscape to be explored at different depths. Beginner or not, experienced or simply testing waters, Deep Dive Dubai is the perfect place for you! Some of the activities you can do there are:. This way you get vouchers for great offers and can also reserve slots well in advance. Included in the equipment and gear is a swimsuit design to keep you close to the water's surface. My family was here to celebrate New Year with us and I had contacted Bhawna for entry tickets of few tourist places in Dubai that I had on my mind.

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