Chords great gig in the sky

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Chords great gig in the sky

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Chords great gig in the sky

The song features music by keyboard player Richard Wright and improvised, wordless vocals by session singer Clare Torry. It is one of only three Pink Floyd songs to feature vocals from an outside artist. The song began as a chord progression created by keyboard player Richard Wright , which was known in its early stages as "The Mortality Sequence" or "The Religion Song". During the first half of it was performed live as a simple organ instrumental, accompanied by spoken-word extracts from the Bible and snippets of speeches by Malcolm Muggeridge , a British writer known for his conservative religious views. By September , the lead instrument had been switched to a piano, with an arrangement very similar to the final form but without vocals, and with a slightly different chord sequence in the middle. Various sound effects were tried over the track, including recordings of NASA astronauts communicating on space missions, but none was satisfactory.

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