chibi bts

Chibi bts

Hi so I'm new here in this amino, chibi bts, and I just edited some photos of the BTS members for fun,I wanted to share them with yall! This one wasnt very hard to edit in the first place,I only editef the chibi on jimin's shoulder,my friend dhananjay creation the rest,hope you like chibi bts Edited the chibi's on suga,she drew suga and colored it fully so I can share it,I hope you like it!

After looking at a hell of a lot of BTS fan art, I decided to give the whole fan art thing a go and add my own wee twist to it. I love drawing chibi characters, so I drew all the members of BTS as chibi and tried my best to capture their likeness. Hope you enjoy! Strangely, it was actually my niece that got me into K-pop. Which caused her little face to light up with delight and she very excitedly started showing me music and choreography videos of BTS on YouTube.

Chibi bts

Working for an old woman in her doll shop was easy, good pay, and you got to sell things you made. After all you had a knack for sewing and building cute doll stuff. But what happens when the old woman gets sick and leaves you in charge of everythin Time ticked by, I watched the clock on the wall as these seven men tried to explain everything that had just happened. Not just that even, they were trying to tell me more things. Seven voices blending together in my head like some messy runny paint that was dripping down a wall and blending together. The sound was beautiful but it was chaos. I couldn't take any more of it, I was losing patience. The seven of them suddenly disappeared from view as I got up from the couch I was seated on. I looked down at the coffee table to see the seven of them climbing up and standing side by side. I guess they decided now was a great time to be small.

Hope you enjoy!


KOYA naps with a mind heavily filled with thoughts. RJ loves cooking. RJ loves eating. It's usually in that order. The fluffy fur coat and compassionate soul make everyone feel right at home. Possessor of supernatural powers and a hyper-elastic body that stretches to great lengths. PlanetBT offthewall superpowers Prince.

Chibi bts

Small and cute chibis are great for illustrations or for printing on keyrings and other accessories. A chibi is a form of stylized character drawing that originates in Japan. Chibi characters are usually between two and four heads tall. They are often used on merchandise for popular anime series. With huge, distinct facial expressions, they are also useful when good at creating a fun or cute atmosphere. Once you know how to draw chibis, you may find it much easier to draw these cute characters compared to typically proportioned characters. Most chibi characters are around the same size and body shape, regardless of the gender, face size, height, body shape, and age of the original design. In other words, a six-head-tall girl and an eight-head-tall man would have the same body shape as a two- to three-head-tall chibi character. Even though chibi characters have the same basic body shape, you need to find a way to differentiate between multiple characters.

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We are never going to let anything happen to you or the boy. They all looked at me with their adorable big eyes and I let out a sigh. We told you we were looking for these bad men I was angry and that emotion was slipping out. Essentially we are killers But what happens when the old woman gets sick and leaves you in charge of everythin Loading Comments Working for an old woman in her doll shop was easy, good pay, and you got to sell things you made. Search for:. Featured post 5 Days Ice Breaker Challenge. Hehe he is. Love pink hair. We care about the boy and we will get him back. Just a couple of buds holding hands. He removed one hand to tuck some of my messy hair behind my ear.


Oh boy, my sister is into these dudes so much. But, their grown up forms were far more intimidating. You'll also like. Love pink hair. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. The Things I've Seen. Log in Sign Up. Log in now. I need you guys to slow down and tell me what happened. I sighed and sat back. Leave a comment Cancel reply. New Reading List. Dead Ends.

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