channel knife drawing

Channel knife drawing

Bars and kitchens sometimes have all manner of arcane tools and implements, but a channel knife is a must for any self-respecting bartender channel knife drawing chef. A basic tool used for making garnishes, a channel knife is indispensable for creating simple but elegant flairs for cocktails and other dishes.

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Channel knife drawing


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This tutorial shows how to draw a knife in give easy to follow steps with illustrated examples and quick instructions. The example is of a kitchen knife with a fairly common design that consists of of the blade, the handle and the tangs. You can darken them later on before coloring. The curves should gradually straighten out as they go towards the end of the handle. Near the very end of the bottom of the blade the heel of the knife draw an upwards curve that aligns it to the handle added in the next step. You want it to be a little shorter and significantly narrower. Along the bottom of the blade add the edge. On the handle draw the three round tangs. These help hold the handle in place and balance the knife.

Channel knife drawing

The appropriate culinary tools make all the difference. Channel knives are versatile but sometimes underestimated. Channel Knife? A Channel Knife, often known as a citrus zester or citrus remover, is a versatile cooking tool. Even in small kitchens, this handy appliance is compact and portable. Its blade is a V-shaped marvel with a gently curved tip. This exquisite blade elegantly glides along the shiny exteriors of succulent fruits and crisp vegetables, ingeniously creating elongated and narrow ribbons or furrows.

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Scary movie. Chef is cooking chicken. English United States. Young woman watching culinary video blog or master class on laptop and cutting salad ingredients by recipe. Sign with alphabet, numbers and symbols. Vector banner for festival horror movie. Sort by: Most popular. Image layered. Thriller movie neon light icon. Yummy TV logo design template. Channel knives may also be used for other decorative work, like cutting strips in cucumbers or carrots before slicing to create design, such as a flower shape. Older channel knives were sometimes made with steel, which corroded or stained after contact with water or acidic materials. Cooking tv show or digital content, online blog. Prison Icons.

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