cavalier breeders near me

Cavalier breeders near me

Want a high quality puppy from a licensed, responsible breeder?

For further information about us, please visit here. We are a blended family of 2 adults and 5 children from ages , all of whom contribute to the raising of our puppies. We have been building our reputation as a trusted Cavalier breeder in central Illinois since We are located in McLean, IL, which is 20 minutes south of Bloomington-Normal and 50 minutes southeast of Peoria, but we have puppies growing up and living all over the country! We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all our dogs. We carefully select our "moms" and "dads" for having great genetics combined with fantastic personalities. We are so confident in our puppies' health that we offer a one-year health guarantee for every puppy adopted from us.

Cavalier breeders near me

Top of the line! That is what our little Sassafras is. She came to us a beautiful, healthy little puppy that toddled over to my boys and never looked back. She is a talker, and uses subtle sounds to let us know what she is thinking. Physically, she is gorgeous and perfect to behold. When people see her they instantly know she is special. And she is. She walks up to every stranger, every child, with a wide smile and a wagging rear end. I can always trust Sass to be patient and loving. She is also very athletic, just as I had requested in my puppy, and hikes with me routinely. The longest walk yet was 9 miles, and when we were done, she still wanted to play a game of ball!

This means KC registered breeders often only breed from a bitch once a year for their comfort and safety.

If you are interested in a Brittany puppy, I have added a tab at the top of this website for Barefoot Days Brittanys. We are located just west of Houston in Katy, Texas. Since my name is not easy to pronounce, I went with our city for our kennel name, Katy Cavaliers. Together with my husband Randall, we have two grown sons and our furkids. My mom is with me in this photo and she is absolutely my right hand when it comes to caring for my doggie crew when we travel to dog shows or have a new litter. Together we take round the clock shifts with the newborns so someone is watching them continually for the 1st week of their lives.

While they share a similar history, they are not the same dog breed. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is slightly larger than the King Charles Spaniel and has higher-set ears, a flatter skull, and a longer muzzle. Toy spaniels were a favorite among early 19th-Century British aristocracy. The Marlborough family of Blenheim Palace bred a line of red-and-white spaniels. The more traditional spaniel that the Marlborough family bred was almost extinct as the newer Toy Spaniel breed became more popular. In the s, toy spaniel fanciers saw paintings featuring the old-type toy spaniel breed in noble English manors. This accelerated the preservation of the old-type toy spaniel breed and dogs from these lines are called Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They are one of the smallest dog breeds and are a popular companion breed in the United States.

Cavalier breeders near me

This is a summary. Topics with detail information can be selected from the menu on the left. Please take the time to read these detailed topics before you begin contacting breeders. The selection of a reputable breeder from whom to purchase your puppy is the most important step you can take in ensuring that you have a better chance of getting a healthy, temperamentally sound puppy and one who has a better than average chance of staying that way. Yes, the information is long but living with an unhealthy and temperamentally unstable dog for 10 - 15 years is even longer so do your homework NOW and persevere with your quest for the ideal. If your heart is set on a less accessible breed, like the Cavalier, you must be prepared for more difficulty in finding just the right puppy from a responsible breeder at exactly the time it is wanted. So that you are not waiting too long for a puppy, try to compromise and give the breeder some choices with regard to color, sex and age. It is equally important that you have a good relationship with your breeder because you will be communicating with this person for years to come with questions, requesting advice, and asking for help. All puppies are cute; and most appear healthy and happy.

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It is crucial to note that we do not use 'kitty litter,' and that using it in place of pine will not work. At Forelsket puppies we strive to breed healthy, well balanced, well adjusted and confident puppies. Our puppies are adopted quickly, usually before they are born, so reach out soon to request an application or to ask any questions. We will continue to communicate and send pictures of Bertie's many feats! Below are some of the conditions that affect a Cavalier:. My mom is with me in this photo and she is absolutely my right hand when it comes to caring for my doggie crew when we travel to dog shows or have a new litter. He has been a great companion for Cory. They are one of the most popular breeds in the world due to being easy to train, groom, and a good dog for first-time pet owners. Website by Outrank. Cavaliers adore cuddling in laps but they also enjoy being active with the family. Happy, Healthy Bloodline Our adult Cavaliers are OFA certified yearly and have passed their health screenings for heart, eyes and patellas.

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Disclaimer: I am not a vet, nor a breeder nor any kind of pet health professional. We understood this was to assess how serious we were about getting a dog. Samsung, etc Users. We are located just west of Houston in Katy, Texas. It's very obvious, you do not do this just for profit, you do this because of your love for the cavaliers and it really shows. What did this MEAN!?!?!? Annual OFA health testing and DNA profiles on all our adult dogs gives our dogs and their babies the best chance at a long and healthy life. We try to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, but please be patient with us if we don't get back to you within 24 hours. Episodic Falling: this is a genetic disorder that causes sudden muscle weakness and collapse, which can last for several minutes. What questions should you ask? Also, after she came to live with us I was having some trouble training her on the lead and also with getting her to stop using her mouth and teeth to communicate with us. Here at Perfect Pooches, we perform frequent health tests on all our dogs and new puppies to limit the risk of these illnesses affecting potential breeding stock, but there are steps you can take once you have taken your puppy home to keep them happy and healthy. After several visits, we knew Trudy and Jim were the ones we wanted to work with. I have been showing and breeding cavaliers for 30years, and also judging the breed for 25years. Cullen and Cassandra Wallace.

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