Cato hunger games movie

Cato is a fearsome opponent of Peeta and Katniss, and the most threatening male participant of the cato hunger games movie. He is dubbed a "Career" tribute, as he has been trained since birth to represent his district in the Hunger Games. Cato is the male tribute representing District 2 in the 74th Hunger Games.

Cato is the main antagonist of The Hunger Games. He was the male tribute from District 2 in the 74th Hunger Games. He was the leader of the Career pack, the strongest tribute in the arena, and Katniss Everdeen's primary adversary. Cato lived in District 2 prior to the 74th Hunger Games and likely trained for the Hunger Games alongside his fellow district members. Like most Career tributes , he volunteered for the Games. In the film, Cato and his district partner Clove enter the tribute parade wearing Roman-esque outfits.

Cato hunger games movie

The Hunger Games served as a marshaling ground for an entire generation of young actors, who took comparatively small parts in the science fiction epic only to find prominence and fame in later projects. The four-movie cycle contained dozens of substantive roles, most of which had very little screen time. Casting memorable actors to quickly make an impression was one of the keys to the franchise's success. That includes Alexander Ludwig, who appears in the first Hunger Games movie as one of Katniss Everdeen's fiercest foes. As Cato, the Tribute from District 2, he's a terrifying onscreen presence, and Ludwig's intensity in the role reflects his future success as Bjorn Ironside in the History Channel series Vikings. And like many of the film's other supporting characters, his apparent villainy can't hide his ultimate status as a victim of the system. Cato comes from District 2, one of twelve such Districts ruled by a tyrannical Capitol and comprising the future nation-state of Panem. District 2 ostensibly produces stonework and masonry but actually builds weapons for the Capitol, and many of its citizens become Capitol soldiers. That translates into a grim tradition for The Hunger Games, to which Cato belongs. He's a "Career," someone trained since birth to volunteer for The Games and emerge victorious against the "Tributes" from other Districts. In the Hunger Games book, he develops a distaste for Katniss at the Tributes parade, where her flaming outfit steals District 2's thunder and earns her the "Girl on Fire" moniker. That translates into an extended conflict in the arena once The Games begin. He leads a group of Careers in an alliance of convenience to wipe out the weaker Tributes, which Katniss counters first by dropping a tracker jacker hive on them, then by destroying their cache of supplies.

Trying to get Foxface or Peeta? He is capable of snapping a neck with his bare hands and demonstrates his raw physical power several times throughout the novel, cato hunger games movie, most notably when he single-handedly fights off a pack of muttations for over an hour.

Finnick Odair plays a key role in The Hunger Games , both as one of Katniss's stalwart allies and as a living example of the tyrannical practices of their government. Like Katniss and Peeta, he's a "Victor," who survived one of the story's annual battles to the death only to become a virtual slave of the powers that be afterward. He fights back as hard as Katniss in his own way, and his tragic death underscores the suffering unleashed by their would-be masters. It also entails a quiet parallel that further emphasizes the point. Cato, the final victim in Katniss's Hunger Games , suffers a remarkably similar death: torn apart by a pack of genetically engineered "mutts.

Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. After starring in the hugely successful blockbuster The Hunger Games for which he received two awards , Alexander has gone on to work in films such as Lone Survivor , The Final Girls , and Bad Boys for Life , and received critical acclaim for his performance as Bjorn Ironside in the global hit television series Vikings His mother, Sharlene Martin , is a former actress and assists in managing his career. As one of the stars of History Channel's top rated show "Vikings", Alexander's Bjorn Ironside is the eldest son to the king and the successor to the crown.

Cato hunger games movie

Alexander Richard Ludwig born May 7, is a Canadian actor and country musician. He first began his career as a child, and then received recognition as a teenager for starring in the films The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising and Race to Witch Mountain He is also known for starring as Cato in The Hunger Games He currently has a lead role in the Starz drama series Heels I love performing.

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In the film, the Careers target Peeta's weakness and view him as what Katniss describes as a "meal" until Peeta shows his true strength by throwing a pound metal ball into a rack of spears. In the Training Center, Cato and his fellow tributes train and prepare for the Games. Like most Careers, he volunteered for the Games. Later on in the film, Cato is angered when he thinks that the District 6 male took his knife, which was actually stolen by Rue when he wasn't looking and kept out of sight via the climbing station. Into The Hunger Games? This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. His allies eventually manage to calm him down, and the Careers stride back into the woods to hunt. But it's tempting, so tempting, when I see the bounty waiting there before me. Despite his cruelty and apathetic nature, Cato eventually realizes his own brutality, as seen during the climax of the film. Or had he been lying in wait for Thresh and just badly misjudged his location? Cato's competitive nature is even more extreme than those of his fellow Careers, as he harbors a deep resentment of Katniss due to her high training score [9] and iterates to his allies that he must be the one to kill her. In the novel, Cato makes two confirmed kills: the District 3 male and Thresh. Trying to get Foxface or Peeta?

Cato is the main antagonist of The Hunger Games.

Go on. In the Training Center, Cato and his fellow tributes train and prepare for the Games. Cato is later given high-tech body armor from the Capitol, presumably from the District 2 backpack Thresh took from the feast. When she turns around, ready to shoot Cato with her bow, he points out to her that if she shoots him, both he and Peeta will fall to the mutts. Like most Career tributes , he volunteered for the Games. Katniss then shoots her arrow into Cato's hand, forcing him to reflexively release Peeta and fall to the mutts. The evil in The Hunger Games is systemic and affects everyone in Panem, even those who initially appear to benefit from it. While Glimmer and the District 4 female die from their stings before they can make it to safety, Cato and the others escape to a nearby lake, where they fend off the remaining insects. As he does so, Cato cuts his way through the brush and realizes what Peeta has done. Rather, the true reason for Katniss's victory was not her own hatred for the Capitol, but the love of others that she garnered through her selflessness and compassion. Cato attempts to follow her into the tree, but he falls due to his heavy weight. Enraged at Peeta's betrayal, Cato engages the other tribute in a fight that Peeta swiftly loses, [13] though he escapes with a severe leg wound, tracker jacker strings, and burns retained from the earlier fire. The Hunger Games franchise shows a dystopian future where teens are forced to battle to the death for the amusement of the wealthy. Though he retains his brutality and fighting instincts, he laments how he has been bred to kill and how the Capitol does not care whether he lives or dies. Sign In Register.

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