cast of american psycho

Cast of american psycho

A rich Wall Street player Christian Bale basks in his lates yuppie lifestyle, but behind his slick appearance lurks a murderous monster. Contains extra footage not shown in theaters.

American Psycho is a satirical psychological horror film directed by Mary Harron , who co-wrote the screenplay with Guinevere Turner. The film blends horror and black comedy to satirize s yuppie culture and consumerism , exemplified by Bateman and supporting cast. Ellis considered his controversial novel unfilmable due to its graphic nature, but producer Edward R. Pressman was determined to adapt it and bought the film rights in Stuart Gordon , David Cronenberg , and Rob Weiss considered directing the film before Harron and Turner began writing the screenplay in

Cast of american psycho

It's been decades since American Psycho slashed its way into theaters, bringing us the musings and madness of Patrick Bateman. Let's see what its now-all-star cast has been up to. American Psycho , Mary Harron 's movie adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis ' controversial novel — which the author once deemed essentially unfilmable — stars Christian Bale as '80s investment banker, facial mask and business card enthusiast, and possible psychopath Patrick Bateman alongside a deep bench of a cast that has also gone on to plenty of big things. And when Allen appears with a business card superior to his own, well, Bateman soon exacts his revenge or so we're led to believe in one of the film's most memorable, hilarious, and harrowing scenes. Things devolve from there, with Bateman keeping up appearances while he maybe tortures and kills numerous people. In tandem with the violence escalating, Bateman's sanity slips — but maybe he wasn't really sane to begin with. As the film unfolds, it becomes a question of what's true and what's relative when the world around Bateman is a sanitized s blur of greed and perversion. Seeing as it's been decades since the release of the film, which has lived on through a cult following and internet memes, it's high time to see what's been up with the cast that brought American Psycho to life. Let's crank up "Sussudio," snack on some sea urchin ceviche, and read on. In , Christian Bale was not the A-lister he is today. As he was more well-known for his child and teenage roles in Empire of the Sun , Newsies , and Swing Kids , American Psycho director and co-writer Harron had to fight to get him cast as Patrick Bateman, especially since the studio execs wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for the role. Bale followed up American Psycho with the apocalyptic dragon-filled epic Reign of Fire , then dropped a startling amount of weight for 's The Machinist. Soon after, though, Bale bulked back up as Christopher Nolan came calling with Batman Begins , which was followed by leading roles in Werner Herzog 's Rescue Dawn and the underrated remake of Western to Yuma alongside Russell Crowe. In , Bale showed his penchant for dramatic physical transformation yet again, as he re-teamed with Big Short director Adam McKay to play former Vice President Dick Cheney in the well-received Vice , for which he won a Golden Globe.

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Christian Bale Patrick Bateman. Willem Dafoe Detective Donald Kimball. Josh Lucas Craig McDermott. Samantha Mathis Courtney Rawlinson. Matt Ross Luis Carruthers.

But adolescents weren't the only ones lusting after him. Studios everywhere were clamouring to seduce the golden boy into signing up for their next project, and, though their prospects were modest, the starry-eyed producers of American Psycho were no different. To everyone's surprise, the actor was interested. This, of course, was unbeknown to American Psycho director Mary Harron. The creator of I Shot Andy Warhol - and a rock critic at the Guardian in the early 80s - had been working for months on this black comedy about an 80s Wall Street serial killer - scripting a number of drafts with writing partner Guinevere Turner Go Fish and deciding, after an exhaustive search, to place British actor Christian Bale Velvet Goldmine in the lead role. And that just made him more excited. That's sort of how I reacted, too. Bent on reaping a healthy international profit, they wanted a bigger Hollywood name, someone like Edward Norton. Bale was stunned; Harron aghast.

Cast of american psycho

A modern remake of American Psycho is rumored to be in development, but the original movie is still relevant today , 24 years later, so there's no need for a remake. Throughout the story, it can be unclear whether Patrick was actually committing murders or if everything happening was simply in his head. By the ending of American Psycho , the main plot points and messages became quite confusing, and the real meaning of American Psycho can be hard to determine.

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Bartender uncredited Peter Loung New Customer? Retrieved January 3, Pressman Producer. Global s focus the search bar. He did not come out of me sitting down and wanting to write a grand sweeping indictment of yuppie culture. Bateman next kills a security guard and a janitor before hiding in his office. In , Sumerian Comics published a sequel comic adaptation that includes new narratives surrounding Bateman's murders. These choices will be signaled to our partners and will not affect browsing data. He was also in Ang Lee 's film The Hulk , and, by , was appearing in the uplifting period basketball film Glory Road , a role for which he gained considerable weight. He also appeared in David O. Producer 9 Credits. Clear your history.

American Psycho 's ending makes a point of leaving its events ambiguous during the discomfiting, blackly comic finale, demystifying none of its strange and seemingly contradictory occurrences.

A rich Wall Street player Christian Bale basks in his lates yuppie lifestyle, but behind his slick appearance lurks a murderous monster. Since the mids, the film has attracted a sizeable cult following , [61] [62] [63] [64] which has grown in the s due to various social media platforms. Andy Malcolm Foley Artist. Bloody Disgusting. Bateman's colleague Luis Carruthers reveals a new business card, so Bateman tries to strangle him in the restroom of an expensive restaurant. In the dialogue-laden climax, Carnes stands up to a defiant Bateman and tells him his claim of having murdered Owen is impossible, because he had dinner with him twice in London just a few days prior. Edward R. Andrzej Sekula. Facialist Lilette Wiens Andrew Marcus Editor. Gwendolyn Ichiban Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Marilyn Burns

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