Bustravel iceland

The company offers daily guided day tours from Reykjavik to the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. Now Bustravel consists of a fleet of 14 minibuses and coaches with daily bustravel iceland tours across the country. To this day, the Bustravel family still maintains its tradition, experience and punctuality. Book your tours, bustravel iceland.

I was in Iceland for 3 days by myself on a stopover and I wanted to experience the natural attractions around the Golden Circle and also visit a hot spring without having to rent a car or drive in difficult weather conditions. I booked this tour in November through my hostel and paid for it myself, so this is a completely independent review. I had some great experiences on this tour, like swimming in the Secret Lagoon hot spring with snow falling, seeing the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall covered in fresh snow and visiting the famous geysers and Thingvellir National Park. Iceland really is magical in the winter! You can read a detailed summary of all the activities I did on this tour, or jump directly to my final recommendation at the end where I share what I liked, what could have been better and my final thoughts about this Bus Travel Iceland day trip. Highlights: Swimming in the Secret Lagoon with the falling snow and seeing the waterfalls were the highlights of the day for me. Who was on the trip : There were about 20 people, consisting of several couples, retired people on vacation, and a family with teenage children, I believe I was the only solo traveller that day.

Bustravel iceland

Is the road trip off? Are you stuck in Reykjavik? Absolutely not! There are some awesome companies that whisk keen travellers around Iceland. On our winter trip to the island, we chose to travel with BusTravel Iceland. Read on for our full BusTravel Iceland review. This post may contain sponsored content or affiliate links that help support the blog. All opinions are our own. Rather than heading around the Ring Road, these tours go to and from Reykjavik as a collection of day trips. As well as the four tours, you will get 4 nights of accommodation in Reykjavik. You can choose from a single, double, twin or triple. Oh, and breakfast! Below is a short round up of each tour we took with BusTravel Iceland.

I am Canadian but some of my family is of Icelandic heritage so it was very interesting for me to think that maybe an ancestor had been here at some point in the past. Every day is a new quest for us, bustravel iceland, we take you with our excellent guides in the comfortable coaches onto tours to see the unique destinations Iceland has to offer. Bustravel iceland same volcanic and geothermal activities which create hot springs also bustravel iceland the geysers in Iceland.

Professional, experienced, and fun, they will show you the best that Iceland has to offer. These tours to Iceland wonders are unforgettable experiences. Dive into our curated posts for a sneak peek of the adventure that awaits on our unforgettable Iceland tours. Iceland tours worth telling your friends about Experience the best of Iceland with a range of trips from Reykjavik and beyond. Explore tours. Find the perfect Iceland tour.

Vast landscapes stretch between volcanoes and ice-capped mountains. Coastal roads snake around fjords, passing fishing villages, isolated churches — plus the odd sheep bleating on the roadside. It's also relatively tiny — at roughly 40, sq miles, Iceland is a tad smaller than the state of Ohio. But despite its size, it can still be a tricky country to navigate. All those volcanic landscapes and fjords make for difficult terrain, and as all the locals know , the fickle weather patterns can throw the best-laid travel plans into disarray. Luckily some of the country's top spots are just a few miles from Reykjavik , meaning that you may not need to travel very far to see some of Iceland's most iconic sights. But there's also a whole country out there for exploring. From hiring your own transportation to taking the bus, here's how to get around Iceland. Exploring Iceland on your own four wheels gives you the freedom to travel at your own pace, and the network of roads is generally adequate with low traffic.

Bustravel iceland

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland through our carefully crafted multi-day tours that traverse the entire island. Our journeys promise an array of captivating experiences, from delving into the iconic Golden Circle to venturing deep into the heart of glaciers in South Iceland. Travel along the Diamond Circle to reach Akureyri, the capital of the North, and continue your adventure with captivating highlights in West Iceland. For those seeking even more enchantment, consider adding the Snaefellsnes Peninsula route to your itinerary, where one day will unveil a treasure trove of wonderful sights. Join us and uncover the diverse and stunning landscapes that make Iceland a dream destination for adventurers. Start your Icelandic journey with us today! Home Multi-day tours. Guided Iceland Multi-day tours from Reykjavik. Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our multi-day tours in Iceland. Travel along the renowned picturesque Ring Road, experience ice caving, geothermal spa, whale watching, and more.

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There are restrictions on what you can bring into the hot spring area, but I purchased a hard cider and was able to bring that into the pool. Rent a car. As the chunks of ice break off, they float down the river and into the sea, where the waves promptly return them to the beach. Through giant lava rocks, we emerged into a world of monochrome. MG Matthew. South East Asia packing tips: 11 things you should bring from home. Read info. Travel Tips , Solo Travel. Grand Golden Circle Tour. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

Discover our top tours categorized by attractions and locations, simplifying your planning for visits to specific Icelandic destinations. For inspiration, take a look at our carefully curated Iceland tours. Iceland offers a vast range of activities for every type of traveler.

It is totally possible to plan a trip to New York City on a student budget without sacrificing safety or fun - check out these 26 tips for saving money on a visit to NYC! Contact us now to have all of your tour-related questions answered! Gullfoss Waterfall The next stop at Gullfoss water fall is considered to be one of the highlights of a Golden Circle experience. The little of the lights we did see was still pretty thrilling! Check out some more Europe tour reviews. Meet people when you travel alone: 8 unique ideas for solo travellers. We had about half an hour here before hopping back on the bus and driving over to the glacial lagoon which was equally stunning. An average customer rating of 4. Great 3 tours and would recommend to anyone. P Phillip. More nature, more fun! I am Canadian but some of my family is of Icelandic heritage so it was very interesting for me to think that maybe an ancestor had been here at some point in the past. But there is a lot to explore and experience in the Icelandic capital. Sadly though, the place was shut when we pulled up.

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