best 55 inch tv under 500 euro

Best 55 inch tv under 500 euro

As manufacturers push to stay ahead of each other with ever more dazzling features on their high-end TVs, their cheaper models keep inheriting a trickle-down of previously premium features. Or while it might offer a content-rich smart TV platform, its operating system might be sluggish or buggy. Some offer as few as two, and some newmarket gumtree as many as four, best 55 inch tv under 500 euro. While IPS panels used by LG and scattered through the ranges of numerous other brands can give you a slightly better viewing angle before contrast reduces, their native contrast tends to be lower than that of VA panels.

After all, shouldn't a decent 4K TV cost at least a few hundred more? Thankfully, the cost of impressive and ever-larger screens has dropped over recent years. Now, ultra-high-resolution screens are finally part of a sensible price range. It was a momentous step up from standard TV resolution; the extra detail was breathtaking. Now, have 4K at four times the resolution - films, TV shows, and games have never looked better. Even better, this price range doesn't even limit you for scene size, with everything from the humble inch model to some excellent inch TVs up for grabs. Our 4K TV picks are all smart, so they're capable of accessing on-demand and streaming services, like Netflix, Prime Video and BBC iPlayer, not to mention a whole host of apps for everything from the weather to streaming music services like Spotify.

Best 55 inch tv under 500 euro

Why you can trust T3 Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test. This inch all-rounder comes at a decent size and price and is well features. This inch offering is smaller, but it's got more advanced features and is great for gaming too. If it's a larger panel you want on a budget then Samsung's step-down AU model is a real star. There's also an optical audio output for connecting to your home cinema kit. It's a very impressive package for the money, so if you're looking to get the most TV for the smallest price this should absolutely be on your shortlist. We've reviewed its predecessor in this Hisense A7G review , to get a taste of where this model has come from. This is the fanciest non-QLED TV from Samsung's range, providing a level of care and attention that matches more expensive TVs, and including a surprising number of sleek high-tech features. The Tizen-based operating system is identical to that sported by the pricier QLED TVs, and a response time of around 10ms will appeal to gamers. Best of all, performance could easily be from a more expensive screen. Samsung's innovative backlight keeps contrast looking dark without being washed out, and that combines with a reasonably bright picture overall, giving things a lovely pop. The audio quality is nothing special, but it works perfectly well, and the TV supports passthrough of Dolby Atmos audio, so you could upgrade it with a great soundbar later. It's available in larger sizes for slightly more, too, if you can spare the budget — perhaps our full Samsung AU review will tempt you. This TV doesn't offer the strongest image quality of all the sets here, but it's packed with great smart TV features, plus Samsung's excellent build quality and looks, and enables you to get a big screen for a really cheap price.

Reasons to avoid - HDR brightness isn't class-leading. Resolution: 4K. We check all of these things, and measure input lag using a Leo Bodnar device.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. That includes vivid 4K displays that make colours pop and control via voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant. Our favourite affordable TVs all connect to streaming apps and let you pair one of the best set-top boxes or best streaming devices , plus Bluetooth or ports to enhance the audio with a quality soundbar. Which size fits your room? Are you using a TV mount to fix it to wall space? How easy are the menus to navigate? How many HDMI ports does it have?

Trusted Reviews is supported by its audience. If you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more. While sizes inches and above are becoming ever more popular, not every home has space for a TV that big. This list is made up of a range of models, from affordable sets, to TVs built for sports or TVs that can perform in a bright room setting. Every TV we review is put through the same set of tests to gauge its picture performance, usability, and smart features. Tests are carried out over several days and are done by eye but supported with technical measurements. If you want to learn more, please visit our detailed page about how we test televisions. However, one of those inputs is shared with the eARC port, so if you do decide to add a sound system, that reduces the number of 4K Hz inputs for those who have more than one device that can support that feature. App selection is massive thanks to the Google Play Store, with Freeview Play ushering in all the UK catch-up and on-demand apps through its portal.

Best 55 inch tv under 500 euro

The list in brief 2. How to choose 6. How we test. Both come highly recommended. Why can you trust us? We put this list together after well-over hours of lab testing and eyes-on viewing with the TVs you see below. On top of that, we test dozens more TVs each year and have been at this for over a decade. I love helping people find the perfect TV, so please feel free to reach out over email or tag me on Twitter and I can help you out. Why you can trust Tom's Guide Our writers and editors spend hours analyzing and reviewing products, services, and apps to help find what's best for you.


It has all the smart features most users will need, too, courtesy of an Android TV smart system backed up by Google Assistant voice control. How many HDMI ports does it have? However, consider your viewing position. Some models also offer additional features, such as Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio connections and smartphone and tablet connections. There are lots of rubbish cheap TVs out there, but you won't find any of those on this page, which is reserved for only the best cheap TVs you can currently buy. The table below offers a quick look at all the cheap TVs we recommend in this article. Driven by data, run by a passionate team of engineers, testers, technical writers, developers, and more. Building on the foundation of the already-good 5-Series, the move to Google TV gives the affordable 4K smart TV a more premium smart TV platform, one that offers personalized and customizable movie recommendations and Google Assistant integration that can help it serve as the brains of your entire smart home. This is full features, married with strong image quality, making it a great buy if you want a degree of future-proofing with your buy. Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us. While budget-friendly TVs are pretty good, there's no denying that spending more will get you some features that you just won't be able to find for less than bucks. The small 24 and inch models are p TVs, while the inch size is p. Freeview Play is a handy bonus as it serves as both your programme guide looking forward and also lets you seamlessly delve into catch-up TV that you might have missed, without needing to load up separate apps. It offers a huge range of over one billion colours compared to the 16 million colour palettes provided by normal HD TVs.


By Lizzie Wilmot Published 24 February We put all of that data together with our real-world testing and stack it against the price of the TV. LastPass password manager review. If you are determined to keep things neat and rely on the in-built speakers, though, check our reviews to make sure that they're at least decent — there's no point in a great picture if the accompanying sound is rubbish. Toshiba 50UKDB. Best true wireless earbuds. Not only does it need to handle a variety of content resolutions — standard-def, p, 4K and sometimes 8K — and both standard dynamic range and high dynamic range the latter in a number of formats , all of which need to be specifically tested, it also has a sound system with various advanced settings and a full smart platform. This is a great screen for streaming content, and it includes Freeview HD and satellite tuners too; the audio rocks, as well, with a virtual surround mode that really pops. Are you using a TV mount to fix it to wall space? In his spare time Tom is a runner and gamer. See all our test results. Every TV is tested against the best model at its price and size — we have a stockroom packed full of Award-winners for this very purpose. Why you can trust T3 Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. While it's sensible to temper your expectations when looking for a budget TV , there are many truly exciting 4K TVs that will make you question why anyone would spend more.

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