bantan sango case file

Bantan sango case file

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Learn how to complete the quest, how to defeat Kageroumaru, total challenge rewards for Recognition, and other information in this event guide! List of Contents. You must complete the third part of the event, the The Truth Just About Comes to Light before being able to do this one. You need to beat Kageroumaru to earn his acknowledgement. Quest Objectives. During the battle, you'll need to beat Treasure Hoarders, and Kageroumaru himself. It's best to bring a good DPS with you to make this challenge a breeze!

Bantan sango case file

Learn how to avoid Canine Bunshin in Hiding Spot challenges, how to beat enemies in Den of Thieves challenges, how to use the Ubiquity Net to rescue animals, a list of total event rewards, and other information in this event guide! List of Contents. You can play the Canine Path challenge in Co-Op mode, but you can't play the event quests, Hiding Spot challenges, or Den of Thieves challenges with friends. Entering Co-Op mode will temporarily pause the event stages in your world. To unlock the next Bantan Sango Case Files stage, you have to complete the previous quest's storyline and missions. Equip the Ubiquity Net in your Gadget Inventory. Using the Ubiquity Net will replace your Elemental Skill with a capture ability. Holding your new Elemental Skill button will let you aim and releasing it will deploy the Ubiquity Net gadget. After the event wraps up, complete the ''Omni-Ubiquity Net'' world quest to unlock a permanent net gadget. You will then be able to buy the gadget from Wakamurasaki. Use the permanent version of the event gadget to collect animal Furnishing for your Serenitea Pot! Omni-Ubiquity Net Gadget Guide. A new event challenge can only be unlocked after completing all objectives in the previous event challenge. Simply approach the glowing Trigger Point in a challenge area to begin!

Talk to Sango Sango: It's about time Basic Commissions. Genshin Impact Wiki Explore.

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Genshin Impact Version 2. The event takes players back to Inazuma as a mysterious case where several small animals went missing will be investigated by the Traveler along with the Bantan Sango Detective Agency. To begin the event, players must first start the "Bantan Sango Case file: Mystery of the Black Shadow" quest and reach out to Inazuma's Katheryne for further details. The event is divided into four Bantan Sango Case file segments. The first segment must be completed to unlock the succeeding segments in the Genshin Impact 2. Related: Genshin Impact 2. After receiving several complaints about pets disappearing in Genshin Impact Inazuma region, the Bantan Sango Detective Agency requested the Adventurer's Guild for help in investigating the issue. Players will receive a Ubiquity Net, a new gadget for capturing lost animals. Players must equip their party with the Ubiquity Net throughout the event while looking for the locations of lost pets.

Bantan sango case file

Learn how to hide from Canine Bunshin, how to defeat all challenge enemies, total challenge rewards for The Truth Just About Comes to Light, and other information in this event guide! List of Contents. The starting point this time is on top of the hill. If you leave the challenge area you'll need to pass through it again! You can use the Thunder Sakura Bough by the side of the house to get on the hill via Thunder Spheres. When you're spotted by the Canine Bunshin and stop for a moment a cage-like Dendro plant will appear which will trap you and make you unable to leave the area. This also makes you vulnerable to Canine Bunshin attacks! Use a Geo structure to get away from it or burn it with Pyro,.

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Ryuuji: The more crimes he commits, the easier it is for him to give himself away, and greater the chance for Sango to figure out who he really is. Ryuuji: Well Doushin leave Sango: Thank you. Kageroumaru Pet Furnishing. Recommended Games. Talk to Ryuuji again. Animals imprisoned in small cages can only be rescued by defeating the surrounding enemies. Andou: Are the serial burglaries in the city really the work of Treasure Hoarders? Genshin Impact. Ryuuji: I think so. We just drove the Treasure Hoarders off together. Andou: Ryuuji, why are you here? Nora, Run! Meow meow? Sango: Now, you look kinda interested in the detective agency.

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Ryuuji: Shortly after, I spotted a suspicious man near Hanamizaka. Ryuuji: I was following a suspicious person here according to Sango's instructions, but then I bumped into some Treasure Hoarders. Seems Familiar? Because our culprit seems to have realized that he is not the target of the Doushin yet, he will continue committing crimes. Pursue Kageroumaru inside the domain and defeat him. Talk to Sango about Ryuuji's whereabouts. The copyrights of videos of games used in our content and other intellectual property rights belong to the provider of the game. They aren't interested in anything else other than some targeted items. Age of Wonders 4 Review. Doushin leave Ryuuji Sango: Besides, they have the Millelith, who quickly solve problems large and small Let's go back and report this. List of Past Events. Aren't you worried about your assistant? You were expecting me?

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