Bailey spinn

Thanks for doing this with us. Who are you and what do you do?

The 21 year old spoke to us about her passion for music, and how her success as a content creator has helped open doors to pursue music professionally. Read the full interview below! I was at my Merch booth, we had a Meet and Greet that was super fun where I got to meet a bunch of people, and I did a panel. Thank you! Have you seen any creative ways your fans have interacted or connected with your music?

Bailey spinn

BTCF: You have had a unique journey within your career, what are some of the most valuable moments you have encountered so far that have enriched your growth? Bailey: One moment that challenged me to grow up is when my channel blew up for the first time. Sometimes in order to express yourself better, you need to branch out. It took me a while to get used to hearing my own voice so much, but it elevated my content and improved my anxiety! Another learning moment was when I had to choose between continuing my education or pursuing social media full-time. As a kid my dream career was always to be an influencer, it was the only thing I saw myself doing. So, when I got the chance, it was hard to ignore. I packed up and moved to LA. It was my first time living fully alone, I have learned so many things about being an adult and growing. One more thing that enriched my growth was when I finally overcame my anxiety around singing. I had also dreamed of being a singer, but I was so scared to show anyone my voice. Anxiety is a really challenging thing to overcome, but I pushed it away so I could follow my dreams. BTCF: With such a large social media following across TikTok and other various platforms, how challenging is it to create content that speaks to your craft as well as is entertaining at the same time? Eventually, my mind started to run dry, but the one thing that always gave me inspiration was music. Many sounds that I use today were posted because I had a great idea from the song.

Opening up can be difficult, but each day you work on yourself, it gets a little easier.

Home » Bailey Spinn comments on mental health in music, TikTok success and more. TikTok sensation Bailey Spinn talks to Dom Smith about their experience in the music industry as an artist, the songwriting process, and the trials and tribulations of creating viral content! When I started social media, I had no confidence, and I was the most anxious person in the world, putting myself out there was terrifying. I have a hard time being open, even some of the songs I am releasing soon are very vulnerable and come from a very personal place. Hitting that post button, even if only a couple of people see it, you posted it and you can take a big sigh of relief because you did that. I feel like this! The other songs are also relatable, but they are much darker and heavier, one is actually extremely heavy!

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Private Policy and Terms of Use. But some, like queer artist Bailey Spinn , are taking social media by storm, and making a pretty good living in the process. Hailing from Fairfax, Va. However, her journey was not without challenges, as she faced severe bullying from peers during her school years. She found solace and support there, and it played a pivotal role in saving her from the difficulties she encountered at school. After high school, Spinn went across the country to San Diego State University, where she started gaining recognition for her TikTok account and the viral content she created. After her freshman year, Spinn left college, opting to channel her energy and focus into the growth of her various social media platforms.

Bailey spinn

Bailey Spinn is an artist that knows what she wants, and is determined to get it by any means necessary. A punk rock rising star in the music industry, Spinn just released her newest single " Happy Ending ," towards the end of , which was her busiest and most successful year yet. A little bit of Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams but still very much Bailey Spinn in her sound, looks, and presentation—it hasn't taken long for the artist to develop some serious traction on the world wide internet. Having amassed over 20 million followers on social media 15 million of which are on TikTok , Spinn is a burgeoning superstar providing exactly what's been missing in the music industry over these past several years. With plans to release more material in and hit the road again this year, we caught up with Spinn to talk about the trajectory of her career thus far. I played the flute, trombone, ukulele, and now I play the electric guitar. I was too shy to sing in chorus, so I wound up doing karaoke in my basement every single day. She continues: "I've always been heavily inspired by the likes of Avril Lavigne and Paramore, and it's amazing to make such strong powerful music that people can relate to. It's safe to say the general public has done a more than just "relating" when it comes to Bailey's music when you look at the numbers which we'll get into later.

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How was this past Vidcon for you and what was your experience there like? Sometimes all we need is a little story to calm us down, which is exactly what I do! Already have a WordPress. Who are you and what do you do? View all posts by Kaylona Laurie. What instruments do you play and when do you start? I started making content in quarantine out of boredom, but soon it became my full-time job. I told my manager, yes, but it turned out she was just talking about the signing, not singing. I love when I meet fans and they tell me how much I mean to them. Dom Smith March 6, A post shared by bailey rose spinn baileyspinn. Bailey : This was a crazy experience for me and was totally unplanned. My final tip is to spend time making yourself feel beautiful! I want to be able to give someone else around the world the same feeling. Subscribe Subscribed.


I love when I meet fans and they tell me how much I mean to them. View all posts by Kaylona Laurie. In fifth grade, as soon as we were allowed to pick up an instrument I had started playing the viola. Life will improve whether it takes a year or five years. There is no standard for beauty because you create your own path. BTCF: Do you create your art design for your photos? Bailey: My first tip is to drink more water. Can you share some of your passion behind your work and any personal story that motivated this passion? I agreed and then started trying to find songs I could sing comfortably in front of the crowd. I also played the flute and the ukulele, and now I play the electric guitar! Thank you! As a kid my dream career was always to be an influencer, it was the only thing I saw myself doing. Read the full interview below! Harry Hodgson March 7, No one person is perfect.

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