audi a4 fuel consumption

Audi a4 fuel consumption

The A4 represents the core of the brand — after four years in the making, Audi has made the successful midsize model even tauter and sportier.

Diesels, particularly the less powerful ones remain the best choice for efficiency with an easy 50mpg achievable in real-world driving. Note that powerful diesels, especially those with Quattro four-wheel drive, are thirstier. The S4 TDI will get you 40mpg when driven gently — a respectable figure — but driven enthusiastically, that will be nearer 30mpg. Premium-priced cars tend also to carry heftier price tags when it comes to servicing, insurance and parts such as brakes. Servicing plans are available to up to four years, front-loading your costs or building them into your monthly payments. Definitely worth investing in to avoid inflationary rises. Inside the cabin is constructed from solid and hard-wearing materials.

Audi a4 fuel consumption

Premium 40 TFSI. Technology 40 TFSI. By Siddharth 29 Apr By Bilal Ahmed Firfiray 05 Aug By Ajinkya Lad 31 Mar Audi A4 mileage is The petrol mileage for Audi A4 is Your monthly fuel cost for Audi A4 is:. Enter kms driven per day. Enter fuel price per liter.

Ownership cost Currently reading.

When it comes to fuelling, the Audi A4 Avant is impressively efficient. The latest 2. If you want to maximise fuel consumption, avoid choosing a Quattro. The petrol models run the diesels surprsingly close, though. Higher up the range is the 45 TFSI which should be closer to 35mpg.

In a world of automotive extroverts, the Audi A4, like its A6 and A8 sedan brethren, is the strong, silent type. Its turbocharged four-cylinder engines have enough muscle to keep things interesting, and standard all-wheel drive and taut suspension tuning bring balanced handling and foul-weather grip. The interior takes the strong-silent-type thing to heart, and although carefully assembled with premium materials and attention to detail, a bit more playful style might lighten the mood. Indeed, the same could be said of the somewhat staid exterior styling. The Navigation package adds traffic sign recognition, which also activates Predictive adaptive cruise control. Offsetting that markup is the new-for inclusion of adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, parking assist and a heated steering wheel as standard equipment. Still, the mid-range Premium Plus trim makes sense as it bundles together. Audi offers the A4 in two strengths: 40 and

Audi a4 fuel consumption

The Audi A4 is a quintessential compact luxury sports sedan, with a richly appointed cabin, lively handling, upscale styling, and plenty of tech features. All models come with the brand's signature Quattro all-wheel-drive system, and buyers can choose between two turbocharged four-cylinder engines, the more powerful of which makes a stout horsepower. The A4 expertly blends a fun-to-drive nature with a forgiving ride, so buyers who want both sports sedan moves and a luxury-car demeanor will find it here. Like other Audi models , the A4's cabin is dotted with digital displays, including the optional Virtual Cockpit gauge cluster. Rivals such as the Genesis G70 and the Mercedes-Benz C-class have more style, but the A4 is a well-rounded package that is designed to satisfy a broad range of buyers. Audi's popular Black Optic package—which swaps out the A4's chrome exterior trim for glossy black details—is now available on the base 40 models. The more powerful 45 models now comes standard with a sport suspension. Otherwise, the A4 carries over to with no significant changes.

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Toyota Camry. Dimensions vary, depending on the modification: - Sedan — between mm By Siddharth 29 Apr Continue reading 1 Verdict. Thanks to its more powerful engine and a weight advantage of more than kilograms, the Sportback has a clear lead in terms of performance and dynamics. Enter kms driven per day. Electronics overview Controls, displays, infotainment. Both of the cars come with 4-cylinder, 4-valve, turbo diesel, particulate filter. What is the display size in Audi A4? It's not as if the old car's CO2 emissions and fuel economy were bad in comparison to rivals — far from it — but Audi has to keep cars like the refreshed BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class at bay in order for the A4 to remain competitive. Note that powerful diesels, especially those with Quattro four-wheel drive, are thirstier.

When it comes to fuelling, the Audi A4 Avant is impressively efficient. The latest 2. If you want to maximise fuel consumption, avoid choosing a Quattro.

On the other hand the A4 comes with 9. Wheelbase of sedan variants is between mm In this article, we are looking at ways we can squeeze out maximum kilometres from each litre of fuel while driving a manual car. The Audi A3 Sportback that comes with 2. The high-resolution TFT display, controlling the infotainment system, featured in the latest model is Q: What is the average of Audi A4? No fully-electric Audi A4 is available. Home Audi Cars A4 Mileage. The UK's top 10 fastest hot hatchbacks Should you opt for the digital instrumentation of the Virtual Cockpit, be aware that many other models in the Audi range have suffered niggles with their systems, including the one fitted to our long-term test example.

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