Asmr mukbang

How much food can you take in?

What does mukbang mean? Korean BJs usually stream live at regular mealtimes, so their fans can watch or eat alongside them. Another large draw lies in the large quantities of food that the BJs consume. The average person will never wolf down a 20, calorie meal, but through mukbang, they can easily watch someone else do so — just like watching a classic hot dog eating contest. Mukbang videos could, on some level, also serve to satisfy food cravings.

Asmr mukbang


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While outsiders may see the art of the mukbang as one of the oddest of the popular trends on YouTube, fans of these mukbang YouTubers are in no way baffled by the viral success that comes from individuals eating a heavy amount of calories on camera. There is something incredibly satisfying about mukbang YouTube videos, which let you vicariously eating through another person. Not to mention, the top mukbang videos often point viewers in the direction of some seriously tasty food suggestions. Who are the best mukbangers in the game? Help decide below! Many mukbang YouTube channels appeal to a niche group. Some channels, like Wendy's Eating Show and hyuneeEats, feature videos of YouTubers eating whatever foods they are craving that day.

Asmr mukbang

By Dami Lee. If you buy something from a Verge link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. The video where she eats balls of air pollution made of cotton candy is a perfect example of how the creator is pushing the decade-old mukbang genre into its next evolution. With air pollution levels at a record high, Seoul citizens have had to incorporate face masks, air quality apps, and home air purifiers into their daily lives. The video, which has over a million views, was part of a series in which Yammoo makes supersized foods from scratch, with product packaging designs re-created faithfully down to every last detail. Mukbang hosts provide company for viewers dining alone and, in some cases, act as their avatars, eating whatever the audience wanted them to eat. If the menu of the day was samgyupsal, or pork belly, a viewer could ask that they wrap the meat in some lettuce along with lots of grilled garlic and take a big bite for them. Many have tried to jump on the mukbang bandwagon, but the genre has had some bad PR as it grew beyond Korea and expanded into platforms like Twitch.

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Watching others consume large amounts of food on a regular basis could also give viewers the wrong impression of how much they should be eating. Complete the requests from the viewers in time and get some additional subscribers. I guess if you were really bored, this is something you would play. Korean BJs usually stream live at regular mealtimes, so their fans can watch or eat alongside them. Behind the scenes of mukbang, there are real life personalities suffering the consequences of consuming more calories in just one meal than they should in a day. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS Line Tracer. I like the visuals of this game and the fact that there was no ads! And don't forget, you need to eat it all! More By This Developer. But, what about mukbang BJs? App Privacy.

For years, people have been heading to YouTube to spend upwards of 60 minutes at a time to watch strangers consume 4, or more calories in one sitting.

Other popular kinds of mukbang include: Storytime mukbang , where the streamer introduces a completely separate topic as they eat, telling an engaging story, from real life events to YouTube gossip, and even controversially true crime. What does mukbang mean? Mac Requires macOS Apple Vision Requires visionOS 1. Do you know what a mukbang is? How much food can you take in? OK, got it. Frozen Honey. I also live the graphics. Mukbang is characterized by the copious amount of food consumed during the streaming — think banquet-size portions, where viewers sit and watch the one-person eating contest unfold. Mukbang - Asmr Eating. After all, eating and watching others do the same is part of daily life. Complete the requests from the viewers in time and get some additional subscribers.

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