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Sin embargo, el hecho de que su padre siempre hubiera guardado rencor contra todos los Maestros desde su muerte fue desconocido por la joven Asami, asami avatar.

This is a partial character sheet for The Legend of Korra. Subjective trope and audience reactions should go on the YMMV page. People usually assume that I'm daddy's helpless little girl, but I can handle myself. A young non-bender and the pampered daughter of wealthy industrial mogul Hiroshi Sato. Despite being a delicate looking beauty, she can look after herself.

Asami avatar

Asami Sato is a businesswoman, industrialist, engineer, and the only child of the former wealthy industrialist Hiroshi Sato [6] and his wife, Yasuko Sato , an architect. Two weeks after Harmonic Convergence , she joined her friends in the search for the new airbenders. However, their search stopped when the Red Lotus attempted to kidnap Avatar Korra in Zaofu and they worked to bring the organization down instead. Three years later, in AG , Asami assisted in defeating Kuvira and began a romantic relationship with her best friend, Korra. Asami and her mother, Yasuko Sato. Asami was born at Republic City [10] in AG. She was surprised to learn that one didn't have to be a bender to be able to participate in important projects, such as the design of a skyscraper. She built a little skyscraper model for Yasuko with paper notecards, and expressed her aspiration to attend Future Industries' school of engineering one day. When Asami was six, her mother was killed during a break-in and robbery of their mansion by the Agni Kai Triad. Although unknown to her, the occurrence also resulted in her father developing a grudge against all benders that would culminate in him joining the Equalists and becoming their weapons' manufacturer. At the age of fourteen, Asami witnessed an important business deal between her father and Wonyong Keum. However, during the deal, Wonyong left, creating a resentment for him that would last Asami later into her life. Asami and Mako enjoyed a romantic moment together.

Asami is considered a "genius technologist and inventor".

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The Legend of Korra deepened the Avatar franchise in with a new, steampunk setting and mature themes to thrill and engage younger and older viewers alike. This also meant meeting a whole new cast of characters, from the fiery Avatar Korra to the bender brothers Mako and Bolin to the earnest but frazzled Tenzin. Along the way, these benders meet Asami Sato who, like Sokka generations past, proved that non-benders can be heroes, too. The daughter of the industrialist and Equalist supporter Hiroshi Sato, Asami eagerly joined Team Avatar to help free Republic City from the terror of Amon 's vicious revolutionaries. Later, she fought alongside her bender friends against the spirit-mad Unalaq, then helped take down the anarchist airbender Zaheer and even helped topple the power-hungry Kuvira of the Earth Empire. All this easily makes Asami a fan favorite, and there are a few things to know about this gal and what makes her an indispensable part of Team Avatar and simply a wonderful person, too. Update August 14th, by Louis Kemner: With Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix, countless longtime fans can watch their favorite animated show all over again, and of course, this is a great opportunity for newcomers to see what all the fuss is about. When they're done with that, The Legend of Korra is next, where viewers can meet outstanding new characters like Asami Sato. What else should be known about this member of Korra's team?

Asami avatar

She is voiced by Seychelle Gabriel. The series' final scene, indicating the beginning of a romantic relationship between Asami and the female lead character, Korra , was unprecedented in its representation of LGBT persons in western children's television, [3] [4] [5] with the characters' relationship fully explored in the comic continuations Turf Wars — , Ruins of the Empire — , and Patterns in Time — She is the only child of wealthy industrialist Hiroshi Sato, who invented the "Satomobile" car and whose company, Future Industries, is headquartered in Republic City. Asami has been well-received with publications. Many reviewers were content with her growth past being a love interest for Mako, and felt the relationship was not worth reviving. However, reception to her relationship with Korra was mostly positively received.

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While she isn't exactly sheltered, her father wanted to keep her out of his Equalist activities for as long as possible, so she could have the best childhood and youth he could give her without the weight of this burden. Episode The Legend of Korra. The couple returned to the city's evacuee camp, where Asami began to work on new housing plans with Zhu Li, and later attended Korra's meeting with the president, where he refused to intervene in the spirit portal's property dispute or to help the evacuees, due to the city's dire financial situations. Archived from the original on July 22, Consummate Liar : Aside from dealing with a Living Lie Detector , is the only reason why it's not a general trope among the team to be a Bad Liar as she's suckered her father, an Earth Kingdom guard and Tenzin at one point or another. Korra is a strong Boisterous Bruiser who knows pretty much nothing but fighting. Yasuko Sato. Asami was transported to an abandoned refinery and chained to a fence with Keum, though she refused to socialize with the businessman. She was able to choose the moral high ground above the only family ties she still had left, her father, showcasing her strong character. Current Wiki.

The Legend of Korra is available now to stream on Netflix, allowing fans to once again revisit the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Korra is tasked with keeping the peace between the four nations in the brand new Republic City—founded by Avatar Aang—which acts as a place for people of all nations to congregate.

Categories : Animated characters introduced in Animated human characters Avatar: The Last Airbender characters Dark Horse Comics female superheroes Female characters in animated television series Female soldier and warrior characters in television Fictional bisexual women Fictional aviators Fictional characters with electric or magnetic abilities Fictional drivers Fictional businesspeople Fictional female engineers Fictional female martial artists Fictional inventors Fictional LGBT characters in television Fictional motorcyclists Fictional writers Fictional wushu practitioners LGBT characters in animated television series Martial artist characters in television Superhero television characters Teenage characters in television Teenage superheroes Television characters introduced in Television sidekicks Television superheroes The Legend of Korra. In Book 3, she shows that she can jump over a speeding motorcycle, kick the rider off, and finish with a graceful landing. Comic Book Resources. Good Counterpart : Green goggles, form-fitting clothing with a dark red and black motif and a shock glove? Turf Wars reveals she'd been like this since Korra left until about meeting Mako in Book 4 due to both missing her and afraid Korra would reject her love and never come back. Even though she is quite used to luxury due to her wealthy background, she does not think of herself as "daddy's little girl", despite what some may think, and maintains a humble and modest demeanor, using her wealth and abilities to help others. As Sato Industries is the leader in technological development, this has led to Asami being able to adapt to nearly any form of use of technology, from cars, to tanks, to construction suits. Cancel Save. If you can help us with this wiki please sign up and help us! The Ace : Asami is a Head-Turning Beauty , rich, owns her own company, an expert martial artist, a highly skilled engineer, and can drive anything. The Reliable One : The most reliable of the team. Lipstick Lesbian : Downplayed. Upon defeating what would be the first of many mecha tanks, Korra rhetorically asked Hundun's forces whether Asami knew about their current use. October 31,

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