ap mf build

Ap mf build

Post a Comment Feel free to comment or leave a message :. Home Strategy Guides Patron Hall of Fame. Miss Ap mf build support hit the peak of popularity in when she exploded onto the pro scene at worlds in the battle between SKT and ROX.

AP Miss Fortune has been a classic build even before season It is an excellent poke build or even a late-game DPS build that can destroy enemies during team fights. It is also a great wave straightforward build if you want to play weakside bottom lane. In this article, we will show you how you can build Miss Fortune with AP items and still come out on top; we will discuss the different items and runes and the playstyle you need to do to win games with this build. Take note that this build can only be played when you are playing the support role. During the early game, you might want to use your poke as often as possible this will be your only damage source if you want to maintain the HP advantage over your enemies. Just focus on stacking your support item and increasing your mana pool for the late game.

Ap mf build

Log In Sign Up. What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. She has a couple of skills that scale with ap, i dunno has anyone given this a try? AfraidFool 12 years ago 2. I've tried it Not viable at all. Roses are red - My name is Dave - this poem makes no sense - Microwave. SuperFinalBurst 12 years ago 3. You'll get more damage out of getting a deathcap on your ult than you would on getting an IE. On top of that, deathcap is cheaper and if you go AP and start with make it rain, you can clear a whole minion wave at 9, so you farm better as well. Yomjoseki 12 years ago 4. Can't believe Miss Fortune is free every other week and I've never played her.

Well, the whole idea behind this is that grievous wounds items are by default very money inefficient and buying them means having much less damage. This item ap mf build a lot of self sustain to help you out on lane for really cheap price.

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Ability power Miss Fortune has always been a niche pick in League of Legends. Although the ability power play style has been going around for a while, it has recently seen a boost in popularity. One of the main reasons for this jotted down to the changes in old as well as the introduction of new items. In the old days, most champions that enjoyed the use of ability power generally had very stereotypical build paths to follow. There was very little wiggle room in what items you had to make. Whereas nowadays, it is the opposite. There are too many good options. As a result of the influx of these items, all ability power champions have seen an increase in effectiveness and ability power Miss Fortune is no different. You have entirely different items for dealing with a tanky team as compared to what you would build against a squishier team.

Ap mf build

AP Miss Fortune has been a classic build even before season It is an excellent poke build or even a late-game DPS build that can destroy enemies during team fights. It is also a great wave straightforward build if you want to play weakside bottom lane.

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Against a squishy champion like Miss Fortune, you would naturally think her worst match-up is someone like Leona or Blitzcrank. Miss Fortune AD Carry. Use Make it Rain to make his skillshots easier to land and help him to take control over the minion waves in the early game. In the early game, the warding places are pretty static and remain the same for the most part. Giving him enough time to peacefully last hit them without any distractions. It is just straight-up hate, no constructive criticism. However her ultimate does almost nothing for you and there really aren't any cool combos you can do together. Starting against poke. It roughly translates to "Peel your enemy away". Vote Comment. Keep in mind that all those items are very situational and shouldn't be bought in every game except for Elixir of Sorcery of course. Make sure you don't waste much time in the shop though so you won't lose on any exp when the next minion waves collide.

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It has a much cheaper mana cost and is thus much more helpful than Make it Rain at level 1. Void Staff provides amazing magic penetration which is super good If enemies stack MR. Enemies will be either forced to stay on their side of the corridor in safety, or they can pass through your Make it Rain to get into a better position BUT they will have to take some damage in order to do so. The reason why this technique is so nice is that when you need to push the lane and you know that your ADC wants to push the lane as well!! Popularity: Since AP support Miss Fortune plays from such an intensely long distance, while doing damage with pretty much just 2 abilities, there really aren't many combos for you to learn. For this reason, I have decided to ultra-push here, collecting all those resources quickly enough to back off from Evelynn while not really "stealing" any CS from my allies. Love tap Double up Strut Make it rain Bullet time. It's a great way to keep a meaningful gold advantage over your opponents and thus more trading power when you do recall and buy a lot of powerful items. Next Post. So what do mages build for Ability Haste now? Much like the Hourglass, it is a multi-purpose item that gives resistance as well as active defense. Scorch is a better rune for the early game, while Gathering Storm is focused on the late game. Tony Fallon.

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