another word for aspect

Another word for aspect

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Another word for aspect

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Elements of the traditional Berber cultural landscape can be found mainly in Jabal al Nefusah where the granaries of Nalut and Qasr Hajj provide impressive architectural evidence.

In a historical context, the term Libya has a really long tradition. Herodotus, for example, used it to describe an area that covers the Northern part of Africa between the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Red Sea in the east. At that time, Libya was known to be a separate continent, the third one besides Europe and Asia. Download chapter PDF. Libya, as it is known today, is a country, which represents the central part of Northern Africa between Tunisia and Algeria in the west and Egypt in the east. In the south, Libya is bordered by Niger and Chad and in the south-east by Sudan.

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Another word for aspect

Synonyms and antonyms of aspect in English. These are words and phrases related to aspect. Click on any word or phrase to go to its thesaurus page. Or, go to the definition of aspect. The valley took on a mysterious aspect at dusk. Synonyms look. Consider the financial aspects of owning your own house. Synonyms feature. Browse aslant.

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Glasswort is a halophytic plant that accumulates salts in its leaves and stems as an adaptation to its saline habitat. Gut, A. His illness affects almost every aspect of his life. Copy to clipboard. Interview on Demand. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 59, 8—17, doi: Wokół Bachtina. The twisted acacia forms sharp and rigid thorns, which can grow up to 6 cm in length, thus protecting its young and finely feathered leaves. The voices present in the word — which has been repeatedly highlighted here — come from and represent a specific culture circle, which determines the meaning of the word. Smółka, P.

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Shape is another aspect of the qualitative representation. It is divided into the Jefara in the west, which stretches from Gabes in Tunisia to al Khums, and the Dafnia in the east, which comprises the narrow coastal strip between al Khums and Misratah. Correspondence to Klaus Braun. Zoom Notetaker. As it can be used as nourishment for the camels as well as for preparing aromatic infusions, traditional caravans have always been pleased to find it along their trade routes. The leaves and the shoots have developed into sharp, hard thorns, and the fruits are chickpea-like. Record Meeting in Teams. Conversations about translation]. Beyond these axes, high increases in light emission are more or less bound to the surroundings of bigger cities along the coastline like Surt, Benghazi or al Bayda or to major oases in the interior like Bani Walid, Ghadamis or Dirj which appear as somehow isolated development spots in the otherwise almost light free environment. CEJSH db identifier. S labor market since an individual-level process , men continue to receive higher wage premiums for their education than women — and that these differences have grown substantially over time a structural-level process.

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