alicia mccarvell

Alicia mccarvell

And she knew if she posted her own take on this with her husband, alicia mccarvell, it would go viral. Sure enough, she was right.

This episode is with Alicia Mccarvell. Alicia hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is an absolute force of a person, content creator, and entrepreneur. She is dedicated to making the lives of others better by encouraging them to be comfortable and confident in their own bodies. As of now, Alicia has over 1 million Instagram followers and 6 million TikTok followers. During our conversation, Alicia opens up about the grief she holds for not living fully for 8 years when she was ashamed of her body. She talks about what it means to be and feel worthy as a whole person.

Alicia mccarvell


And then I got into university and I was no longer competitive in sport anymore.


On the brink of turning 30, she found herself spending a lot of time on TikTok — a social media video app created by Chinese company ByteDance, which the U. McCarvell spent hours scrolling through an endless timeline of short videos before she decided to make her own. The third video she made went viral, with millions of views in a number of days. She woke up one morning with 54, new followers. I have to think of other things for me to create," she said. Now, the Halifax woman shares her humour, messages of body positivity and snippets from her "crazy life" to 1. So it's a big deal," she said. McCarvell's videos can include anything from highlights of her day, workout routines, dancing in her office and day trips around Nova Scotia — but there is almost always an element of humour.

Alicia mccarvell

Alicia Mccarvell is getting real about how her self-love journey has impacted her marriage. On Monday, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share an "adorable" candid video while dancing with her husband, Scott Mccarvell. She paired the sweet video with on-screen text opening up about how loving herself has "changed" their relationship. She admitted that when she lacked self-love, she made it "really hard" for her husband to love her.

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And when people vocalize that to try to like, make me feel bad or make other creators feel bad that's them putting their boundaries on other people. Why is this something, you know? I know the comments. And in that eight year span, there's been a lot of ups and downs and do's and don'ts and to get me to where I am right now at Sometimes it's you protecting your boundaries that causes people to leave, which, and that's valid. Yeah, but I've been too afraid to tell you that that makes me uncomfortable going forward to protect myself. And I always have been and will forever be the person that I agree with. I don't go to some, when somebody abuses me in my space, I have nobody to go to. This episode is with Alicia Mccarvell. Like, and just to add one quick kind of anecdote is that I. And I think that that was my rock bottom, was experiencing all that joy and then standing there thinking, this is your fault. And I think that if I would've learned. It can be really shitty right now, but there's still really good things, you know, going on and we can still laugh, you know? During our conversation, Alicia opens up about the grief she holds for not living fully for 8 years when she was ashamed of her body. And being like, okay, so my body's not the problem because here I am standing the thinnest I'll ever be in my life.

If you've spent more than five minutes on TikTok , you likely know who Alicia Mccarvell is. The Canadian-based content creator has amassed a TikTok following of nearly 4. In some videos, she's working out with her husband, Scott ; in others, she's putting her spin on a popular TikTok trend.

This is what was going to happen. It's just a reminder that I always was, and I could have been done sooner. I mean, I get the sense that, I get the sense that there's a lot of sort of wisdom and just learned experience and boundaries. More episodes. I grieve the part that I played working at a fitness facility and the narrative that I might've created for other people. I'm never gonna, I choose, not personally, I choose not to talk about what charities I donate to or how much I donate or when the cause comes up. Instead, she looked at her body, shaped by hours of daily cardio and strength training, and felt unhappy. Anxiety disorder assessment and therapy techniques Depression disorder assessment and therapy techniques Obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD assessment and therapy techniques Trauma therapy techniques Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD assessment and therapy techniques. I grieve for the years that I don't have photos that I simply look like I don't exist as a human being. Because if she can, then why can't I? I think that a lot of people got behind me and they resonated with me being an, you know, an average human being. Like, those are just two very different things.

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