african braids shops near me

African braids shops near me

When you have afro hair, it can be difficult to find an afro hairdresser the traditional way AKA Google. We all know the struggle way too well. Since I moved to Spain back inafrican braids shops near me, I have had to wander in the streets of Barcelona countless times in order to find an afro hair salon. So last weekend, when I took a short trip to Madrid I thought I would document some of the afro hair salons I could find on my walks around the city.

Binken has very reasonable prices. She made me feel comfortable the entire time. She is very friendly and nice. Got in right away and Services was excellent!!.. Building safe and secure only one customer at a time and cornrows was beautiful, my Grandaughter loved her hair!!..

African braids shops near me

Whether you have 4c hair or curly hair, are new to Barcelona or not , and are looking for curly hair salons that also cater to afro hair, then you are at the right place. One thing to keep in mind before jumping into the list of Afro hairdressers in Barcelona is that many of these salons tend to be overpriced. Braids cost on average euros! Fortunately, because the landscape is constantly changing, new hairdressers are constantly entering the market, which is why I am constantly recording the new afro and curly hairdressers that I find. For anyone interested, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to get the updated excel document sent straight to your inbox. Check your inbox to get access to my list of afro hair salons in Barcelona. Review: Iletnic is a hair salon specializing in all curly hair types. The owner is a lovely Catalan mix raced woman who opened her hair salon a few years ago. What surprised me the most was how knowledgeable the owner was about 4C hair. I also loved the fact that her salon was so inclusive and catered for all curly hair types, including afro-textured hair like mine. Review: Nelly is my go-to hairdresser to get my braids done. Her prices are very competitive compared to what have seen everywhere else.

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Welcome to. Elle Braids your African hair braiding salon. About Us. About Elle Braids. The all-natural African hair braiding styles at Elle Braids will give you an exciting new look! We specialize in all types of braiding including natural hair braiding.

African braids shops near me

We offer a wide variety of services, focusing on personal aesthetics. Our practitioners are well-practiced. Whether you want to add volume to your hair or get a new stylish look, you can be sure you will get a quality service. Make an appointment with Matel today! I value my clients and know exactly what will suit you more and how to implement your most creative ideas into reality to enhance your hair natural looks and make you look gorgeous whenever you go! Trust us to make you look special! I found my true passion when I became a hair stylist. Call me today to reserve an appointment.

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Beauty is not flawless. Chunky Blonde Triangle with Dark Roots. They offer both afro hair care, and general beauty care like eyebrows threading, nails, eyelashes extension, etc. Don't touch my hair, it's the root of my soul. Peluqueria belleza Calle Amparo, Mar 6, My mood depends on how good my hair looks. Lemonade with Geometric Pattern. Forward Braids with Hair Wraps. Monday - Saturday: 07am to 10pm.

Javascript must be enabled to use this. Learn how to enable Javascript. Hair must be washed, detangled, and blow-dried with no product or service will be denied and deposit will be forfeited.

Chunky Blonde Triangle with Dark Roots. They have a shop where you can buy afro hair products, as well as an afro hair salon. She made me feel comfortable the entire time. My mother's a Diamond Goddess Lemonade. Simple Small Cornrows. Men loc retwist and styling. Mar 6, Check your inbox to get access to my list of afro hair salons in Barcelona. Again, unless I am mistaken they do not have a website. Coming to Spain Come and join me on my new adventure as I start a new life in sunny Barcelona. Review: Nelly is my go-to hairdresser to get my braids done.

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